AMFBeM Newsletter-Faith Series XI

June 15, 2020

Continue in the faith

Acts 14:22

When a person/soul becomes a true believer in the faith through the washing of the cleansing blood of CHRIST JESUS, the heart transplant that we all receive, and the confession that we make about who JESUS is and what HE has done, we become HIS disciples. Because we are HIS disciples we must encourage and strengthen each other. With an unwavering heart, it is well when we remind one another to remain devoted and true to our Savior and LORD, CHRIST JESUS.

True faith believers in CHRIST JESUS are willing to endure whatever comes our way. With our own personal cross, we continue to follow JESUS, we never stop believing in HIM, and during those difficult and hard times that we sometimes must endure we suffer and maybe will be put to death because we refuse to renounce the name of JESUS. Should anyone who professes to be a believer yet under duress renounce their faith, they are and will be considered unworthy of CHRIST JESUS. Those who are willing to remain steadfast even unto death are the ones who also remained with JESUS even during the trials that HE went through for each and every one of us. We will be the ones who will have the privilege to eat and drink at the Master’s table in the Kingdom of GOD and we will sit on thrones to judge the twelve. Always keep in mind that we are heirs because we are the chosen children of GOD through CHRIST JESUS; heirs of GOD and fellow heirs with CHRIST JESUS sharing in HIS spiritual blessings and inheritance after we have shared in HIS suffering we too will share in HIS glory. Only because of our willingness to endure are we able to reign with CHRIST JESUS. But for those that were not able to endure and deny CHRIST JESUS they too will be denied. Continue to be delighted in pursuing righteousness, finally cease to care what others say about you, even though family and so-called friends walk away, endure. Be determined to live a godly life through CHRIST JESUS even if you are hunted down and persecuted because you refuse to deny CHRIST JESUS our holy and true faith.


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