We are at war

2 Corinthians 10

We live day by day and night by night in a battle of war for our families; friends; co-workers; school chums and the lost in our neighborhoods and communities. Some of us are ready for battle when we go shopping; out to dine or where ever we may go; ready to witness to anyone or to simply pray that someone come to know the LORD JESUS CHRIST today where ever they are in that vicinity. You see the weapons that we use are not the artillery that those who are of the world will use. Ours is invisible; our weapons are spiritual; our weapons actually hit their mark with accuracy and will demolish arguments and strongholds or anything for that matter that has the mordacity to raise itself up above the knowledge of the LORD GOD. Our weapons have the ability to take each and every thought captive to the obedience of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. However, we must stop looking at the outer person and look at the influence within. I too am guilty of looking at the outward person; this has been a problem since the Old Testament. We think because it looks beautiful outward that everything is wonderful inward and if it looks ugly outward that everything is ugly inward. True beauty comes from within and is not seen by the eye of the beholder. True beauty is manifested by the heart and that heart must belong to the LORD JESUS so that we can see HIS glory shining from within outward. If you need an example read the story of David. His brothers were older; stronger and handsome men; yet, there hearts did not belong to the LORD GOD and HE rejected them. The Prophet thought by sight that one of them would be the new anointed king but thank YOU LORD that he had a relationship with the LORD and heard what the LORD told him. David a cute, stinky, dirty kid was the one who had the heart of the LORD GOD and you will either find out the rest or you know the rest. Now to continue; we who are in the body of CHRIST all have a ministry to build each other up and not to tear each other down. We must even encourage the lost; not encourage them to continue in their way but to point out the gifts and the love that the FATHER has for them. You know many drug dealers can be CEO’s, VP’s or the executive of some fortune 500 company because they understand supply and demand; they understand how to seduce new clients to try their products. What they are missing is the formal education; the love and encouragement of family; the help to point the arrow in the direction to hit the mark which is their dream and vision. They believe the lie that because they are apart of this neighborhood or community this is their end. CHRISTian men must rise up and not be ashamed to extend a helping hand to these lost males and help them to become men and not only men but men who have become our brothers in the LORD JESUS. It’s no different for the CHRISTian women; we too must rise up and not be ashamed to extend a helping hand to the lost females. Teach them to love themselves and to not give away their precious bodies; to produce babies out of wedlock; to help them see themselves as women of value and worth; as well as to welcome them into the family of faith in the LORD JESUS. We must become CHRISTians of doing and not Christians of seeing and doing nothing. We must stop trying to advertise ourselves as something that we are not; we must stop comparing ourselves to another. The LORD GOD is the one and the only one who approves advancement and even then we have no need to advertise that we are this or that. It’s not important that we have or attend a mega-church; have valuable fixtures in the building; the person that we go to hear the Word has this title or that title. What does that mean when there are members of the congregation sitting there with broken hearts; abused; hungry; unsaved; not sure about their salvation; un-employed; walking or taking public transportation because a member will not give them a ride. We give the light pat or hug and say that we love when in actuality we don’t have a clue. It’s not enough to love we must Agape and not only with those who we know but to the lost souls as well. Anything that is applied apart from what the LORD JESUS desires for us to do is stupid. We are always boasting about the wrong things; do what the LORD JESUS desires for us all to do and others will boast; we don’t need to self advertise. Come armed with the Good News of the LORD JESUS CHRIST; come armed to pray; come armed to show by doing that you Agape. Remember we are at war and the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh; so if we have anything to boast about it’s about the LORD GOD alone. Stop self approving yourselves; stop recommending yourselves. The LORD GOD through the LORD JESUS will recommend and approve you in due time.  http://amfbem.me


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  1. Brenda Eldred

    Thank you for sharing this reminder. We often get so busy we forget to prepare for war even at home. But the enemy will attack us wherever we are.

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