Be Encouraged You Who Are Filled With Grace And Faith

Colossians 1:5-6; 3:16


Who are the ones that are filled with grace and faith? Those who have been cleansed in the Blood of JESUS The CHRIST, those who have opened up their hearts to believe in JESUS The CHRIST, and those who are not ashamed and have no problem confessing JESUS before others. Do not allow this world and all of its sorrows to bring you down. Do not care more for what is going on in this world than what is going on in heaven. This is not our home any longer heaven is. We have dual citizenship spiritually we are citizens of heaven and carnally/naturally we are citizens of this world. Know the precedence is on our being citizens of heaven. Many of us do not realize that we are the saints of the Living GOD, we have been consecrated in HIM through CHRIST JESUS, we are GOD’s holy people, we live by faith in CHRIST JESUS, and we are believers, depend on, rely on, and trust in CHRIST JESUS. I write this because too many of us still have that mentality that we are still sinners and this is not so. Light (saints) and darkness (sinners) cannot occupy the same area, either the light will overtake the darkness or the darkness will have no light. Yes, we may do some sinful things but this is not a lifestyle as it once was, our flesh is not saved nor is our flesh perfect but our spirit is. We must stop allowing our flesh to lead us and allow the Holy Spirit to lead our spirit. This is the proper order: Holy Spirit>spirit>mind>flesh. Sinners are the ones who live according to this improper order: flesh>mind. GOD’s children possess HIS blessings, favor, and peace within our hearts. No one else has this apart from the Living FATHER GOD through CHRIST JESUS.

By Grace Pray for One Another

The children of the Living GOD do not wait to meet their spiritual siblings before remembering them in their prayers they do so because this is the right thing to do. And praying in the spirit is most beneficial because it is through our native language (heavenly) that we make an unknown request to the FATHER on behalf of those who have been seeking the answers expected from the FATHER. We may be used to pray for a spiritual sibling in Ireland, Singapore, Germany, Russia, Australia, or any part of this world. And the answers to our prayers will come to us quickly when our spiritual siblings all over this world pray for us as well without knowing. Our hearts must overflow with thanksgiving to our FATHER, and the FATHER of JESUS. No one loves us more tenderly than our heavenly FATHER and CHRIST JESUS. On earth the hierarchy of those who may love us more than others are normally mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents. As we become adults and take on spouses the hierarchy shifts a tiny bit supposedly, spouse, children, parents, siblings, and grandparents. However, whether we have devoted, faithful, tender, unconditional, and unquenchable love from those that we expect to love us or not GOD’s LOVE and the LOVE of CHRIST JESUS never changes, it has been from the beginning as it is today and tomorrow. It is our love for the FATHER and JESUS that changes from not loving to love and growing deeper in love day by day. Let us live devoted and faithful lives in CHRIST JESUS and demonstrate tender love towards our spiritual siblings. Our faith and our love increases as we stir up and rise within to access all the promised treasures of our heavenly inheritance which are stored up for us to take now, not later or in the by and by. We will have no use for our treasures in heaven but we desperately have great use for those treasures here on earth. Just as the gospel (The Good News of CHRIST JESUS) illuminated within our hearts on the day that we began to believe, the glorious hope of Truth who is CHRIST JESUS this hope has not wavered. HIS wonderful message has been spreading throughout the world from generation to generation. It did not begin with HIS birth from a virgin, no, Adam and Eve taught their children after they were thrown out of the Garden of Eden, they had to. How else do we think that one son believed by faith and the other did not? How else did one son Enoch the seventh-generation son of Adam have so much faith in JESUS that he never saw death but was whisked away in a chariot to heaven? Once JESUS began HIS ministry HE taught and demonstrated just how we are to live by faith and in the grace of the FATHER. The message of JESUS is still being spread all over this world and everyone will hear but everyone will not listen just as Cain did not and many others. Just as the Word of GOD changed our hearts the powerful Word of GOD is still changing hearts so do not get caught up in what we see happening in this world those things are supposed to happen and it is going to grow colder and darker before this world comes to a complete end. We are believers and we carry within us eternal fruit which bears eternal life and we experience GOD’s Grace as our reality.

By Grace encourage one another

As spiritual siblings, we are to encourage one another and in encouraging one another we may teach a principle in GOD that may not have been known. But we are not to witness to our spiritual siblings we are to witness to the loss, those who do not know JESUS intimately. I am certain or at best I hope that the blogs that I write to you encourage you and to those of you who may not have been aware of something you have been informed but with encouragement or information or both, it is also my desire to inspire you. We cannot share what we do not know and we do not know if we have not been taught by our teacher the Holy Spirit who gives to those who ask wisdom and understanding along with experience. I know intimately what it was like to live forty years of my life in depression and oppression and all that comes with them so I can reach those who suffer from this demonic and evil spirit. I know the experience of living in the freedom of CHRIST JESUS without having certain strongholds on me that I did not know how to release but now I do. Living in the freedom of FATHER and JESUS is so much better. I can honestly say that I am bold as a lioness and as gently as a dove when it comes to living and reaching the lost or those spiritual siblings of mine who may be missing out. We are not saved in CHRIST JESUS to continue to live a defeated life but we are to live a life rich in HIM.


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