Are you carnal?

1 Corinthians 3

What makes a Christian worldly? Would you recognize a carnal Christian if you were in there presence? Most people wouldn’t; because most people don’t know what it means to be a carnal Christian. Before I provide the definition to my questions; allow me to explain that it’s impossible to have a true encounter with JESUS the CHRIST and desire to remain the same. We all must grow up and mature into the knowledge of who we are in CHRIST JESUS. We all must know that there is a vast difference in being religious and being in relationship with CHRIST JESUS. No baby born in the world remains an infant; a toddler; a youth or an adolescent. The baby will one day become an adult at least in chronological age if not as well in maturity. I was taught by my grandmother that being the legal age of an adult; eight-teen, does not make one mature or fully grown. What would your perception be if you witnessed a ten year old still being breast fed or fed from a bottle? How about seeing a sixteen year old with a pacifier in their mouth? Last but far from least; a twenty-one year old having their diaper or pull-ups changed and they have no mental or physical disability? Those examples are just a few; yet, our DAD is witnessing some of HIS kids who should be mature within HIM in that state. There are far too many Christians who are living defeated lives because of their choices. Because they don’t know who they are. They will confess that they are saved; that JESUS is the Son of the living GOD; that JESUS died for their sins and rose again on the third day. Yet, somewhere in that is the absence of faith that JESUS wants them to be overcomers. They don’t have a clue as to who they are in CHRIST JESUS. They don’t know what promises have been given to us and that those promises are for today not when we enter into heaven. Our FATHER is light and in HIM is no darkness at all. Instead of listening to the living FATHER they continue to listen to the father of lies; whose mission is to kill, steal and destroy lives. To get you back at every cost and he will use everyone and everything that you love more than the LORD GOD who we are supposed to love with our whole heart, soul and strength. Too many Christians are still being fed with breast milk because they have not actively eaten at the big kids and adults table. When will you be hungry for some bread, steak, potatoes and unfermented wine? We have teeth; we can cut through and chew a solid substance; we are not getting  the nutrients that our bodies require from a liquid diet. This is why we are not immune to sin. Until we get up off our hips; walk over to the table for the older kids and adults; pull out the chair; sit down and dine; we will continue to remain just where we are. Weak and defeated. The weak and defeated don’t have in their arsenal words of encouragement and love. The weak and defeated see people and things just as they are and not through the eyes of CHRIST. So why are there so many of us weak and defeated? Because of carnality. Now let me share with some what it means to be carnal / worldly. Carnality / worldliness is to be characterized by the appetites the desires of our flesh. We are spiritual beings; yet, we operate in a mere human existence. We are led by our flesh instead of being led by our spirit; who should be living in the Holy Spirit. Do you or do you know others who operate in jealousy, have fits of anger, cause or participate in division? These are some of the reasons why we have so many denominations; yet, we are supposed to be lifting up the one and only Savior and LORD; JESUS. Who am I and who are my fellow coworkers but servants whom the LORD has trusted to bring the lost to the Saving Grace of CHRIST JESUS. In some cases when I’m witnessing I maybe planting or watering; I don’t know. Nor do I care just as long as my heavenly FATHER get’s the increase. I have a promise that I will be rewarded by the work that I do through JESUS. Let me flip this another way; those who tear others down and encourage people to remain where they are; to keep them from JESUS; who run to evil will also get their just reward because of the work that they do. When builders lay a foundation to a building; we don’t see the foundation of the finished product. No, the foundation is hidden by what is used to overlay the foundation. However, when the building is destroyed we get to see the foundation. Here I will boast in my big brother; I have a sound foundation in my LORD JESUS and the foundation is indestructible. The mortar used is the blood of CHRIST JESUS. The overlay is HIS Word so that when I am pressured on every side; when I feel the heat; when I feel the pressure of the boisterous winds and the beating of the rain and hail. I stand. While everything and everyone around me is destroyed; I remain because of JESUS CHRIST and not because of me. Often, I am allowed to be placed in the refiner’s fire. What is the refiner’s fire? The refiner’s fire will bring out of me all that is not like HIM; if there be any hidden impurity found in me; it will be burned up. Who is the refiner? The LORD GOD through the LORD JESUS CHRIST. JESUS wants to present me and my siblings to the FATHER and we must be elegant and polished. We must not only confess JESUS as our Savior; we must also confess JESUS as our LORD. There is no separation in JESUS as Savior and LORD just as there is no separation between water and wet. Help yourself to reading 2 Peter 2:18-22. It took me awhile to understand just what it means to be the temple of the one and only living and Holy GOD. Maybe you don’t know what that means. This means that you are the place where the FATHER, the SON and the Holy Spirit actually reside. You are their residence. Imagine your home is a huge mansion; a gated dwelling with security police; attack dogs; high tech alarm system; close circuit TV the works. I mean no one will be able to come into your home without your knowledge and I’m certain that you have hired and provided the very best security known to mankind because you desire to protect your privacy and your possessions. No one will be allowed to enter your home without being given access granted. Okay, all that is done for a temporary dwelling. Now, imagine the Holy GOD; creator of heaven and earth and all its inhabitants; the FATHER of the Savior and LORD our soon coming KING; the Prince of Peace; JESUS. Having HIS home invaded; access was granted by you the security system to have HIS privacy invaded to have HIS property destroyed by all things unholy. All of HIS rooms have been used as brothels and HE has to be held hostage to participate in these acts. What kind of temple is this? We are allowing a Holy GOD; a Savior and LORD; a healer, deliverer, an advocate, a provider and so much more to live in a slum; a place with a condemnation posting on the door; a place that is not fit to be lived in. However, JESUS is willing to remain because if there is anyone who can come in; live; clean; deodorize; disinfect and make the temple elegant it’s JESUS. To find out what other carnal / worldly habits we may have; check out Galatians 5:19-21 and then make up in your mind to cease and desist because you have the power to overcome the works of the enemy in your life. Become that refined; polished and elegant person that JESUS know you can become. Ask HIM to baptize you in the Holy Spirit so that you may live according to Galatians 5:22-23.

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