MY Name Is JESUS – 6

Despised and Rejected: HIS Authority, HIS HOLY NAME, HIS Deity, HIS Body, HIS Worship, HIS WORD.

You Despise And Reject ME


Oh, how sad is my heart, how my heart is filled with tears, by the ache of knowing that the Invisible GOD came to this planet that we call the world. The Invisible GOD put on humanity to live among us but none of us realized who HE was living next door to us, the carpenter’s Son who fashioned for us the furnishings that we utilized. None of us realized that as HE walked among us that we were listening to the voice of GOD speaking life into us, encouraging and strengthening us. Demonstrating to us how we may live life in GOD through HIM who came into this world the planet that HE created and made it habitable for sustaining life of every kind. This world is HIS creation and every life force belongs to HIM. Mankind was created by HIM with HIS very hands and HE breathed life into the nostrils of man. Why is it that we did not recognize our CREATOR when HE walked among us and dined with us? Why is it that vegetation and animals knew who HE was but we did not? The why is simple, mankind is the one who has been infected with sin. Sin has darkened our hearts and mind to the point that we do not think of GOD when we first arise from our slumber. We do not speak of or to HIM throughout our day nor do we lean on HIM to get us through the day. We do not think about HIM as we conclude our day as we ready ourselves for slumber. Oh, how my heart aches because the Son of Man who is JESUS fully GOD and fully man came into this world and we ignored, despised, and rejected HIM and this infection of sin is still alive, breathing, confusing, and causing all sorts of despicable acts of wickedness through your daily existence.

Many of us can relate to being despised, avoided, filled with emotional pains, and well acquainted with illness. We know what it is when people turn their faces away from us because we are despised since we are not seen as valuable. So, here is my question to you, because you know what it is like to be abused by family and your peers, have you ever considered what you are going through and the emotional battle that is going on within you, this is what JESUS had to endure when HE lived on earth? Have you ever thought about this is what HE has to endure today from those who from their heart does not believe in HIM? And from those who are religious with no relationship with HIM at all HE is still despised and rejected because the Word is not taking root within your heart. You are still having HIM endure suffering and pain. You are not looking at HIM so how can you get people to look at HIM when you yourselves are ignoring HIM as if HE were nothing?

JESUS The CHRIST our MESSIAH returned to The FATHER’s right hand. HE will not return to earth and take up habitation again, that has been done and it is over. The next time JESUS makes HIS appearance, HE will be seen by the entire planet that HE created and those of us who believe in HIM sincerely from our heart will join HIM beginning with those that have gone asleep in the faith of CHRIST and lastly those of us who believe that are still alive and believe in CHRIST JESUS. How my heart aches because some of you prefer to be ruled by the king of darkness, by your sinful father, by your fleshly pleasures thinking that your decisions are right. You rather be ruled by satan rather than be ruled by the KING of kings.

But the FATHER is faithful because as many who are willing to receive HIS SON JESUS by faith HE gives. What is it that HE gives to us freely? Those of us who have come and those of us who are coming, along with so many others before you are being gathered into one. We were once the scattered children of GOD snatched away by sin. But GOD had formulated an eternal plan for mankind so that not all of us will die a second time and be tormented along with satan and those angels that pledged their allegiance to him. We are being brought together into one body all the people that are scattered away from GOD.

It is through faith that all of GOD’s children are in union with CHRIST JESUS. There is no shortcut to being restored into the family of GOD. Your name must be written in the Book of Life. This happens when we turn our hearts’ attention to JESUS and change [repent] our minds about ignoring, rejecting, despising, devaluing, and any other emotional abuse that has been hurled onto HIM by our actions and ignorance regarding HIM. When we turn our hearts towards JESUS The CHRIST our MESSIAH then and only then will be given the right to be called children of the Most-High GOD. The FATHER of JESUS has become our FATHER once again as it was before the fall of man through the actions of Adam our ancestor.

We do not need to speak eloquently to speak to GOD, all we need do is realize that the so-called life that we believe to be living is not living at all but co-existing among the children of GOD who are truly living in CHRIST JESUS. Speak what is on your heart and invite JESUS into your heart because little do you realize HE has been on the outside of the door to your heart continually knocking waiting for you to open the door and invite HIM in. HE knows every facet of your thoughts and every action that you participate in. There is nothing at all that any of us can do to get right before coming to GOD the FATHER. So, just stop where you are, and speak to GOD sincerely, some of you may come crying, others may come feeling like people are watching you and you think that you appear crazy. Stop thinking about how other people see you when you in being nervous and decide to come to JESUS. Just come, come just as you are, and where you are, all covered in the slime of sin, in the putrid smell of sin. Come and be welcomed into the family of the Living GOD through the washing of blood and the heart transplant that you will receive from JESUS.

John 1:10-11

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