Are you waiting



Luke 2:38

What is it that you are waiting on?

Have you been asking the LORD GOD for something; anything and nothing seems to be happening?

Are you asking, listening and being watchful for your answer but have not heard it or seen it? All because you are not hearing what you want to hear or see what you want to see?

It’s so common; because we are not aware of our sin nature if we are unbelievers of CHRIST JESUS or heart nature if we are believers but have not surrendered our complete heart over to CHRIST JESUS.

Unbelievers either have never heard the Good News of JESUS CHRIST or refuse to believe in what they have heard.

Believers are either babes meaning they are 1-4 years in their faith. And they are still excited about being born and telling anyone they can about JESUS and how to get saved. Youths are 5-9 years in their faith and they should have begun to have applied some basic principles to their walk of faith. This would have increased their faith walk with JESUS. Pre-teens are 10-12 years in their faith and they are delving deeper in how the Word affects the challenges they are experiencing with their life. Teens 13-19 in the faith; the Word of GOD by now should have become your dear friend. You have overcome some very difficult challenges that you may not have been able to overcome had you not had the Word of GOD to turn to. Young adults 20-30 in your faith walk; you are on the road to maturity; you by now should have found out how to speak to your FATHER through JESUS; been baptized in the Holy Spirit; you are walking in victory even when you are facing difficult challenges of life. You have learned to wait longer for the LORD to manifest the answers that you are waiting on from HIM because you know they will come. And those of us who are 30+ years we should be mature older adults in faith who are eating exquisitely from the FATHERS’s table. Still learning and ever-growing in our trust of JESUS.

JESUS is being spoken of 24/7 all around the world be it negative or positive. What makes me chuckle however, is that those that claim that they do not believe in the LORD GOD or JESUS are always speaking of HIM. Yes, it’s negative conversation; but why would anyone want to spend so much time and energy speaking about anyone that does not exist; yet, HE has such an effect on the world and the lives of people? JESUS causes devout people of whatever cult to leave and follow HIM to this very day! And just as there is negative conversation there is positive conversation about JESUS and those are the conversations we need to set our ears too.

Instead of watching your favorite television program; turn on a CHRISTian television channel and watch a teaching ministry; not a preaching or fundraising telethon. Pull up a teaching ministry from your desk top; laptop or hand-held device. My one and only suggestion; only because I’m bias is to watch the classic Billy Graham Crusade’s if you are an unbeliever.

JESUS is still doing everything that HE did in the bible when HE walked on the earth; HE has not stopped. This is even more proof that HE is alive. I’ve never known anyone who is dead to manifest anything to happen for anyone. And if you say you have; you are a liar. Everything that is written in the bible about JESUS is true. And when we accept JESUS into our hearts; our personal relationship with HIM increases into a more personal level that has not been recorded onto the pages of our bibles.

Thousands upon thousands of people are waiting to be set free from something or someone. They may or may not have heard of JESUS. If they have and they have refused to believe that HE is The CHRIST; The Savior; The LORD; a Forgiver; a Redeemer; I AM; The Healer; The Deliver; The Counselor; The Rewarder; The Overcomer; The Victor; The One who snatches us out from the hand of the enemy and whatever else we need HIM to be that’s just to many to name here on this blog.

JESUS is a strong and mighty LORD GOD; HE’s not weak. JESUS is full of wisdom; there is nothing that HE lacks in HIS head, heart, mind or Spirit. After all; only a wise GOD can create the entire world and all that is in it with the surrounding orbits; read Gen. 1 and John 1.

So whatever you are waiting to be set free from; be it a person, a place or a thing. JESUS is here! JESUS has been knocking on the door of your heart and maybe with this blog you will finally answer the door and allow HIM access into your heart. For those of you who already gave entry to JESUS your problem is that you are only allowing HIM to certain parts of your home/heart. You have to give HIM access to every dank; dark; musty; webbed out; creepy; embarrassing and maybe unknown place of your heart for HIM to enter and clean out; deodorize and sanitize.

Jeremiah 33:2-3 The LORD GOD said “call to HIM and HE will show you and answer you great and mighty things that you do not know.”

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