The LORD is faithful to establish and to guard from evil

2 Thessalonians 3

There is a song that has these lyrics in it. “I pray for you, you pray for me; I love you, I need you to survive. I won’t harm you with words from my mouth; I love you, I need you to survive.” Many of us have sung the song; yet, many of us have not lived the lyrics. In this chapter of Thessalonians; Apostle Paul admonishes us to pray for our siblings especially for those of us who have been given the marching orders to go with the gospel / Good News and have obeyed that the Word of our LORD run swiftly and be glorified throughout planet earth. This entire planet must be soaked in the Word of GOD and it takes people to get this ministry done. We all face wickedness in whatever we do; wouldn’t it be nice to know that there are people praying for you to endure what is hurled your way? The men and women of GOD who travel and tend to local congregations delivering the Word of GOD are under unreasonable wickedness from those that satan controls to do his bidding. We must be continually covered in prayer so that we do not succumb to the wiles of the enemy and his tactics. One of the many things that we need to pray for is that the LORD direct our hearts to love GOD and to have an anointing of patience. Now as you read the chapter of this book you may read verse five as “into the love of GOD and into the patience of CHRIST.” CHRIST means the anointed One and HIS anointing. Patience is an attribute of the fruit of the Spirit and it takes the Holy Spirit to anoint us. There maybe a time in our walk in the Word of GOD that we will have a disagreement with our brother and or sister in JESUS. Hey, let’s face it; disagreements and hurts happen between sibs. Apostle Paul wrote that we are to withdraw from that brother or sister who is disorderly. Let me add that this is not cart blanche etiquette to just get upset and give our siblings the cold shoulder. We must first try to settle things by speaking/talking with and not at each other. Get things out in the open; more times than not it’s just miscommunication. However, if after a few attempts you are no better off but it’s gotten worse; then walk away. However, and I wish this was written closer than where it’s located; the removal of your company is meant to bring shame on the other. But that does not mean that in passing you should not speak with a greeting; I understand that in some cases; we have to love from afar until JESUS heals the wounds but you must give the problem over to JESUS and allow HIM to deal with either you or the other person. Now, concerning any person regardless of their faith; no one wants to feel abused or used because of position. Everyone should bring something to the table that is tangible. Don’t ever erase your good deed with a wicked deed. If you are not a temporary guest and that will have to be established in the beginning what is temporary; it is required that you work for your meal. Please don’t eat free of charge; wash the dishes; clean the kitchen and dining room thoroughly. Tidy up the part of the home that is seen by guest; cut the grass; wash the car; do something. I remember going out of town and because of my upbringing; I never assume anything. I stayed with this wonderful family and we ate out daily; it was well established when the waiter / waitress came to take our order that I was expected to pay for my own meal because my host said to the waiter / waitress “separate checks please.” Not once was I offended because I never assume that anyone will feed me for free; be it in their home or dining out. The one time that we did eat in the home; I cleaned the entire kitchen. And I will gladly visit that family again.

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