It’s an awful feeling to be ashamed of something you’ve done or said. It’s even worse to be ashamed of something that you had no control over. For example being abused of any type. Shame will create for us a prison in which we will live for many years when it has not been dealt with. You feel condemned and or worthless. To recover from being ashamed; we must first forgive ourselves before we can truly accept the forgiveness of others. *Hint: When someone ask you to forgive them; never say “it’s all right”. When you say that you have given that person permission to repeat the act or do greater harm to you. Truth is; it’s not alright because if it was your emotions would not be going through the turmoil that it’s going through. There is a cost to be the person of worth in which you are created to be and that price is to love yourself. You may have to start over and become your friend; just you and JESUS. You must live by the faith that you have and the ever increasing knowledge of JESUS that you are who HE says that you are. But not only that; you must accept that HE is who HE IS. To be ashamed means that you are guilt ridden about something awful. It is so important to JESUS that you tell HIM what you are guilty of by turning it over to HIM. You believe that no one will understand and that you are the only person that’s going through what you are experiencing. Don’t kid yourself; as people we are basically the same. It’s our nationalities and cultures that may place the twist of difference amongst us. It is very important to release our guilt so that the sting of the remembrance will be taken away; that’s what is meant by to no longer remember. We will be able to remember what we did or said or what has happened to us that created us to become ashamed without the guilt and pain. To carry shame with us after we have been enlightened about being prideful is a sin. There is no pride when it comes to your release from bondage and suffering. Being ashamed is a life sentence that will accomplish its goal and that is to take your life.

 Scripture reference & definition

Mark 8:34-38

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The painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something dishonorable, improper, ridiculous done by oneself or another. A fact or circumstance bringing disgrace or regret. Distressed or embarrassed by feelings of guilt; ridicule, or disapproval.

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