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August 26, 2020

The Holy Spirit is…-Rom. 14:7

In the entire chapter of Romans four-teen, we discover other wonderful facets of the Holy Spirit. The chapter begins by showing us that the Holy Spirit is the Law of Liberty/Freedom. And then the conclusion of the chapter ends with showing us that the Holy Spirit is the Law of Love.

Just as we discover who the Holy Spirit is we should also discover who we are as being religious [for those who are religious rather than being in an intimate relationship with JESUS]. Religious people are judgmental and are harsh toward others who profess to be Christians but would rather abstain from something that is sinful or harmful to them. What is not a problem for you does not mean that our brothers and sister find that which we are free from is still a struggle for them. So, in the Law of Love, we are shown how we must be tender-hearted, compassionate, and understanding towards our brothers and sisters who have not discovered how to be totally set free in the Holy Spirit.

I have chosen not to take on the entire chapter of Romans four-teen but I advise you to read this chapter for yourselves. So, let us begin the breakdown of the verse that I chose for this article.

This verse of scripture has shown us that we cannot do or be any one of the self. From the beginning to the end of the self, we are shown that we are not of ourselves. We live because the LORD allows us to live and we die because the LORD allows us to die. But notice that it does not read that HE has taken any person just because life’s breath no longer exists in the body. This is a statement that we must discontinue when speaking of those that have died and will die. We either are living in the LORD JESUS or we go to sleep in the LORD JESUS and those who live in sin live to their lord satan and should they die in sin they are dead twice over. Once naturally and the other spiritually bound for hell and the lake of fire.

To those of us who have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and to those of you who have discovered the importance of being baptized in the Holy Spirit and have either asked for the baptism of the Holy Ghost or still making up in your mind about being baptized in the Holy Ghost this is true. To the baptized in the Holy Ghost believer only, our bodies have become the temple/the house of the Holy Spirit where He resides. He is a gift that continues to give day by day and night by night. He is the gift that comes from GOD the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. And, we must understand that we do not belong to our own self but rather we are the property of GOD.

Now, to all of my brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS whether you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit or no. We have been crucified along with JESUS. Dead people no longer have desires or evil and wicked motives. But the dead in CHRIST JESUS share in the desires of the FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Spirit. We no longer live for ourselves but we live to HIM. Our entire life now is in the faith, the reliance, and the complete trust in CHRIST JESUS, who loved you alone [we must make this personal] enough to die for you, a person that was not worth dying for, a person that may be the only person who would consider dying for you is or was your mother. But JESUS willingly gave HIMself up for just you [we must make this personal].

We have this promise, for those that will be alive above the ground, living their lives, as usual, they will see JESUS coming through the open sky riding on a cloud calling only those who belong to HIM from nation to nation, regardless of what language is spoken, regardless of skin color, regardless of our being male or female. And, to those who have only gone to sleep believing in CHRIST JESUS, this promise remains for them as well. It will not matter if the remains of a person have never been found, it will not matter that the remains were incinerated, and it will not matter that the remains were buried in soil or water. They will awaken once the voice of the LORD JESUS comes and calls HIS very own to HIMself to meet HIM in the air for our journey up into the Kingdom of GOD. Then we will finally experience the life which was intended from the beginning of man’s creation, to live eternally without any of the backlashes of sin that we have been bound in before we decided to take from JESUS the gift of HIS salvation to us.

Because those of us who are baptized into the Holy Spirit are shown how to live our remaining life here on the earth through fervent/hot love in the spirit. Recall to remembrance how JESUS suffered for you and know that when we decide to suffer in our flesh as JESUS did for us we will overcome in victory. Something that we already have but none the less we must see the manifestation of that. 

Do those things that you know is pleasing to GOD through CHRIST JESUS with the help of the Holy Spirit. We will have to make up our minds what we are willing to give up; walk/run away from; stop being apart of that which will cause us to have [maybe] withdrawals. Withdrawals are not comfortable and that thing that we willingly give up will call for you, scream for you, and whatever other tactics it can place before you just so you will give in and satisfy your cravings. This is not limited to addictions. We must do whatever it takes for us to live our life with a purpose for GOD in CHRIST JESUS through the Holy Spirit. For some the appearance of our decisions will be radical but do not turn back because of their lack of understanding, you continue to go forward and never return to that land of dry bones again. 

For others, such as myself, GOD will remove those things that we enjoyed but are not good for us and when HE steps in and does this, we will not have withdrawals or cravings of any type. Facts are, we will no longer miss that thing that we once enjoyed. This is the way GOD took things out of me that I saw no problem with yet, I knew that when I tried to be entertained by those things that I no longer had a desire to be apart of that or I experienced a slight sourness in my stomach because my appetite for a thing had been taken away. It did not take a doctorial degree for me to realize that GOD no longer wanted me to be entertained by horror anything. This is quite sufficient for me because whenever GOD removes something HE will always fill that empty space with something of HIS.


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