Babe; Baby



Who are you? Who will your unborn child be? These are questions that most people no longer ask. I remember when I was small; the adults would always ask the neighborhood children; “what they wanted to be when they grew up”? The boys would say policeman, fireman or like my daddy. The girls would say a teacher, secretary, wife and mother. These questions though irritating at times were really important. I don’t recall not once anyone ever saying they wanted to be a professional liar; a thief; a prostitute; a junkie or alcoholic; you get the picture by now. Babes wanted to grow up to be world shakers and history makers. The adults in the neighborhood would help to direct the babies in the right direction when the baby veered too much to the left. Unfortunately today there are not many neighborhood adults looking out for the babies in the neighborhood. They are not asking those important questions or providing guidance or speaking with the parents about the babies on the block or community. Today the adults are throwing the babies beneath the bus and watching as they are critically injured or die. Adults you need to realize that GOD knew you and know the babies born daily long before HE created anything into being. You should also know that you must mind your mouth and not allow anyone to speak negative words into your hearing; a baby has the ability to hear every word you or someone say while inside of your womb. A babes learning does not begin on the outside of a mother’s womb but on the inside. I caught hold of that concept with my first pregnancy; from the moment it was medically confirmed that I was expecting a baby I began to speak love into his hearing; sing to him and read to him. I continued doing what I had habitually done while I was expecting him during his first 2 years of life. When my son began to speak he did not babble for long. It almost seemed instantaneous that he began to speak with clarity. At age 2 my son began to read a book to me; I thought that he was mimicking; I grabbed several books from his book shelf and he read various pages that I pointed too none of which were in sequence. My mother and grandmother were astonished. Well enough about my son; you know how when we see a babe sleeping and they are smiling and laughing and cooing. Though they belong to the enemy because we are all created in sin babes are innocent and inexperienced; they’ve not yet thought sinfully or spoke or committed sin. They are in communion with GOD; realize that perfected praise is within all babies. It’s so very important that we bring our children up in church; this could provide our babies with a fighting chance out there in this cold sinful world along with our very own relationship with JESUS as we pray for our babies. As an adult it’s hard for us to grasp a hold of that innocence that a child has. We have so much going on in our lives and in our heads we just don’t get it. I found my best teacher actually were my children. I watched how they developed as I studied GOD’s Word. Then it became clear to me; try to spend time with kids 10 and younger. I know that it may be a wee bit difficult giving the times that we live in but it’s not impossible. Watch how a babe is carefree; they believe they can do anything; they are innocent to harming others intentionally. There comes a time when we all must mature this is for our natural being as well as our spirit. In the natural we began life with milk and water. Then we moved to milk, water and juice. As we continued to mature and our appetites began to grow we went from an all liquid diet to a diet with substance. Cereal then fruit; meat was introduced. Again as we continued to mature we went from a soft diet to a diet were we could exercise our ability to chew so the consistency of the food changed. It’s no different with the Word of GOD; we can only handle GOD’s Word in small portions, we may have to go over the same scripture over and over to increase our appetites. We then begin to desire more and we not only read and memorize we put GOD’s Word into action. Finally GOD’s Word becomes our very nature this is what I call the meat (thick juicy steak smothered in onions and mushrooms) potatoes (dripping in either butter or sour cream) a green vegetable a cold glass of apple, cranberry or grape juice or may be water then a nice slice of chocolate cake. GOD’s Word will fill you up and satisfy you like a wonderful meal at a 5 star restaurant. But unlike food it does not make you lazy; you are energized to touch the lives of others. A babe could not get a full enjoyment as a grownup would. So as a babe desire the sincere milk of GOD’s Word and grow up in HIS Word so that you can sink your real or false teeth into the succulence of life. 

Scripture reference & definition

Jeremiah 1:5

Matthew 21:15-16

Luke 1:40-44


1Corinthians 14:20

Hebrews 5:12-14

1Peter 2:1-3

A baby or child is and should remain innocent and inexperienced.  Human fetus = unborn child; Newborn = child birth – 1 year; Infant = 1 year -2 years; Toddler – 3 years – 5 years and Youth = 5 years – 12 years.  

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