JESUS Family pt. 4

In the royal ancestry of JESUS take notice of the punishments that came with rebellion against The LORD GOD and the blessings that came with obeying The LORD GOD. Also great change is effective when it comes from the head; noticed that when the kingdom was ruled by wicked Kings; it was then, that idolatry was introduced and turned the hearts of the kingdom to wickedness. When a righteous King ruled he reintroduced righteousness; obedience occurred and great prosperity was had by all. America is ruled by a wicked government; not by the President alone; however, if his heart was turned to The LORD GOD and he has wise counsel of GOD fearing men and women. He could turn the hearts of Americans back to The LORD GOD; we would humble ourselves and pray; we would seek the face of The LORD. Nothing is new or changed; here in the genealogy of JESUS we are given the pros of an obedient life to The LORD GOD and the cons of a rebellious life away from The LORD GOD.  

Joram /an evil King of Judah; married to the daughter of King Ahab and Jezebel notorious idol worshippers. King Joram walked in the ways of his in-laws; when he died an awful death he was so despised by his Kingdom that they refused to bury him in the royal cemetery;  (2 Kings 8:16-24; 2 Chrn. 21:5, 20). 

Uzziah /his fifty-two year reign was very prosperous with the exception of King Solomon and King Jehoshaphat. He was a very popular King; during the early years of his monarchy he was greatly influenced by the prophet Zechariah. However during the close of his life he became prideful and began to enter into the sanctuary to burn incense at the golden alter. This was permitted only for the High Priest; the high priest Azariah with eighty other priests rebuked the King. King Uzziah was struck with leprosy while in the act of offering incense and was driven from the temple and forced to live in a separate house relieved of his responsibilities. He was not buried in the royal cemetery but in the cemetery owned by Kings; this is the final statement to prove that not even an earthly King can go against the desires of the KING of Kings. 2 Chrn. 26:3-8, 14-23; 2 Kings 15:3-7, 27. 

Jotham /while his father King Uzziah was separated from the public due to leprosy; his son took care of the duties of Administration. He did not become King until after his father’s death. He ruled the monarchy for sixty years and walked in the fear of The LORD GOD and consistently consented with the prophets Isaiah, Hosea and Micah. At his death he was buried in the Royal cemetery and was greatly missed by his people. 2 Chrn. 26:21-23; 27:1-9; 2 Kings 15:38. 

Ahaz /a wicked and idolatrous King who introduced to his kingdom idolatrous customs. He rebuked the prophets Isaiah, Hosea and Micah which brought about great harm to his kingdom which included being humiliated before the Assyrians. He died after a sixteen year reign and was not buried in the royal cemetery. 2 Kings 15:29; 16; 23:12; Isaiah 7-9; 2 Chrn. 28; (Kings 16 & Isaiah are to be read in full chapter).

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