Matthew 12

You know tradition / legalism will hurt and kill us. Not all traditions are worth it. When is the Sabbath? It’s on a Saturday. Now many will disagree with me here; but we all must work and we must adhere to the schedule that has been given to us or not work. Some of us have to attend school on Saturday; so I say as long as we work for six days and rest one day of the week this is keeping in line with the Sabbath. I have been following this and if I’m wrong the LORD GOD; the LORD CHRIST JESUS or the Holy Spirit has not corrected me and I’ve been corrected enough to know when I’m being corrected. Can you imagine anyone telling you that because you bent down to pick a carrot due to you being hungry that you are working? This is just what the Pharisees were doing; they cared nothing about the fact that JESUS and HIS disciples were hungry all they saw is that they were plucking heads off of stalks of grain which is considered work and the law said no work on the Sabbath. In other words if you don’t have anything to eat on the Sabbath you just fast that day from food or go to your neighbors maybe they can help you. Imagine having a heart attack or stroke on the Sabbath back then; because of legalism you may just have to die because it was unlawful for the doctor to come and service you or if you took the person to the doctor’s office he still could not do anything until the following day. Way to go Pharisees. I’m so glad that though rebellion is a sin it can be used to our advantage. I consider those who continued to follow JESUS rebels and I consider us today as rebels. We will follow the CHRIST JESUS no matter what others will say or do. It’s so wonderful to know that we gentiles are justified in victory through our following HIM. Can you imagine Pharisees who are supposed to be highly intelligent coming out of their mouths with JESUS doing anything good in the name of their Philistine god? How ridiculous; false gods have never contributed to anything good so why decide to do good with JESUS. Besides false gods can’t think, see, hear, smell, taste, touch or move. Dead can’t help living. But our GOD is alive HE can think, see, hear, smell, taste, touch and move. The LORD GOD will tie the weak up and protect us. False gods are nothing this is why the people who serve them are weak. We are strong and powerful in the LORD CHRIST JESUS. I once taught on forgiveness and said and I stand by this that if we speak evil of the Holy Spirit when we are blinded to the truth and are ignorant due to sin that it is my belief that we have a onetime pass on being forgiven because of our ignorance. I believe that when we accept and come to the LORD CHRIST JESUS; HE will forgive us if we have spoken evil about the Holy Spirit. But I also believe that a person that does this will really have to have a black heart. I have heard people making fun of the Holy Spirit but this was only because of the show that people have put on and claimed that it was HE. So I don’t think that counts; so to play it safe; why not just leave the Holy Spirit out of our conversation if we have nothing good to say regarding HIM. Don’t make fun of HIM or say anything negative at all about HIM. In other words; your mouth is off limits. You know the saying that “the fruit does not fall far from the tree” this is where it came from; JESUS. Here we go again; remember when John used the term “brood of vipers” in other words many serpents; I still say this is their way of cussing someone out. Just as we call someone dog. You know the best time to see the true heart of a person is when the person is angry; does not know what they are talking about when they believe that they do or when they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They will say just what is in their heart and after they have cooled off or no longer under the influence and remember or someone reminds them of what they have said. They will say “I did not mean that; I take that back”. But words cannot be taken back they are out there forever; they have landed true on their mark. And what we say can devastate or encourage another. Our words are all recorded in heaven and when we leave this earth our words will be played back to us and it will be our words that will either justify or condemn us. Think before you speak; never a truer phrase has been spoken. I gotta do this because I want us to stop naming the fish in the story of Jonah. In the book of Jonah and when JESUS speaks about Jonah being in the great fish; neither named the fish; the book of Jonah and JESUS said great which in this term usage mean unusual in size compared to other large fish. The fish which was not named is to let us know that like all fish it is cold-blooded; has gills, fins and scales. It has a spinal column and the body lengthened as the oval. Just as Jonah spent three days and nights in the belly of the great fish; JESUS spent three days and nights in the belly of earth; also most popularly known as hell. Take caution everyone; because at some point and time you had or will have a demon removed from your person. You will know when he has gone but don’t allow him back in because if he can get back in he will not come alone but will bring seven demons more powerful than he is to torment. This torment will be worse on us than what we had experienced before; this is why it is ever so important to remain connected to the Word of the LORD GOD. Read, apply, and live in the Word so we can stand against the tricks of the enemy. Can we honestly call ourselves the brother; sister and mother of JESUS; are we doing HIS will?

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