Another well known name is “I’ve fallen & I won’t get up”.

What I want to shine a light on is old comfortable habits. The CHRISTian walk is not an easy walk to accomplish; however, it is a walk that we must perfect each and every day of our life. To do wrong is nothing that we must learn; it’s in our nature and it’s a comfort fit or lifestyle. Living a life that brings glory to GOD we must learn to do because it goes against our very nature. Normally at age 1 or 2 we begin to show signs of rebellion; also known as witchcraft. Rebellion is not of GOD; to lie is to talk; to steal is to take without permission. Some of us elevate to worse some of us don’t. Regardless, to GOD there are no little sin or big sin. Sin is sin without a measure. Righteousness is righteousness without a measure; nothing you do in righteousness is more or less than what you’ve done that was good in the eye of GOD. It’s what you should do; it’s what’s expected of you. It’s a sacrifice of the flesh to surrender to do what pleases GOD and not self. The Bible is filled with stories of men and women who saw firsthand the presence of GOD and yet they backslide into their comfort zone. From the Old Testament to the New Testament there is evidence of backsliding. Now of all the evidence written the two stories that amaze me the most are the Israelites who lived in Egypt and claimed to belong to the true and living GOD. They did not acknowledge all the false gods within Egypt. However, when they were in the camp waiting on Moses to descend from the mountain with instructions from GOD; they got crazy. They allowed what they have witnessed all their lives back in Egypt to show up. I’m sure for some that it was a surprise to them that the Egyptian culture was that engrafted into their lives. They made a false god and began to act like pure fools. The other example is Judas Iscariot; a man who walked with, talked with and witnessed all that JESUS had done. Yet this idiot had the nerve to cheat, lie and steal while in the company of JESUS. He sold JESUS for 30 pieces of silver and he could not even enjoy his spoil. You see he was a liar and he was lied to; he saw that what the judges did was not what they said they were going to do. Guilt swelled up in him; he tried to back out of the bargain; finally he killed himself. Today when we backslide it’s really no different from what is written in GOD’s Word. I’m sure most of us have heard the saying “there is nothing new under the sun”. If you are an unmarried CHRISTian and you are having sex you take JESUS with you to perform the very same act. After all does HE not live in you? When you lie, you use the mouth of JESUS to deceive. Doesn’t JESUS live in you? Bottom line everything that you do and say; you are causing JESUS to do and say and this is called “Putting JESUS to shame” because you are crucifying HIM openly again. Some people get so lost in their backsliding that they just lay there in the filth for hours; days; weeks; months or years. Look, it’s understandable if you slip but don’t lay there in the mud; get up quick; wipe yourself off with asking GOD to forgive you. Allow GOD to wash you clean as you repent; ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and please don’t forget wisdom; allow her to show you how you could have handled that situation. Believe you me; you will be tested again until you past the test. Don’t just be a reader of GOD’s Word; make GOD’s Word active in your life. Don’t just be a hearer of GOD’s Word; make GOD’s Word active in your life. Until you put GOD’s Word into practice you will not become victorious. Head knowledge is good but until what you know graduates into your heart which will cause you to speak and move in what you know; it’s just that; head knowledge.

 Scripture reference & definition

Proverbs 14:14

Jeremiah 2:19; 3:12, 22; 5:6; 8:5; 14:7

Hosea 11:7, 14:4

Relapse into bad habits, sinful behavior, or undesirable activities.

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