I was looking at the book of Ruth with younger eyes today and I reflected on the slang that younger people use, “my peeps”. It dawned on me that this is just what Ruth was saying way back then when she said to her beloved mother-in-law (in slang) “I’m not goin nowhere, I’m following after you; wherever you go, I’m goin;  wherever you hang out, I’m hangout; yo peeps will be my peeps, and yo GOD, gonna be my GOD”. I don’t know if that is slang or just plain bad grammar, however, I hope you get the point. Ruth received much from being married in this family that she did not bargain for. She received the love of a man that worshiped the true and living GOD and he shared that with her and it caused her to want to know more about this GOD that he had such love for. She had a loving relationship with her mother-in-law that most women don’t experience with theirs today and I’m not certain but maybe then also. I know Orpah must not have because she scooted when she was given the chance. Also, Ruth realized that in her homeland that there was nothing for her there and that it was time for her to leave everything that she knew behind and adopt a new life and home of where her mother-in-law was going. Many of us will someday have to make these very same decisions in our life, we too may need to leave all behind, all our familiarities to ventures out into the unknown so that we may become the better version of ourselves.

We all are created in the image of GOD, HE is the creator if mankind and we had nothing to do with our creation at all. JESUS is our Savior, HE redeemed mankind and we had nothing to do with that at all.

So because we are aware that the LORD GOD is our creator and that the LORD JESUS is our Savior. It should make sense that we should know that the LORD GOD is with us. But we don’t when in reality it’s not that HE is not with us, it’s we are not with HIM. The FATHER had already declared that “we are HIS people” and that “we are the sheep of HIS pasture; we are men, and I AM your GOD,” said the LORD GOD.

When we come to JESUS and receive the gift of salvation all of us who are saved we have one (1), heart, and we all have a new spirit that has been put within us, JESUS removed the stony heart and replaces it with a heart of flesh that we may keep all of HIS commandments which are to love because we are HIS people and HE is our GOD.

Never again will we leave, run or turn away from our FATHER. We will not be counted with those who take the name of GOD in vain, the irreverent, the contemptible, the un-pure, the common, the heathen, just to name a few. “We are the people of the Living GOD,” says the LORD GOD HIMself.

The LORD GOD has given to us a heart to know HIM intimately. To know the, I AM. To know the LORD because we are HIS people and HE is our GOD, and we have returned to HIM with our entire heart.

FATHER will cut our heart to love HIM so that we will love only HIM with our entire heart, with our entire soul so that we will live.    

Ruth 1:16; Psalm 100:3; Ezek.34:30-31, 11:19-20, 14:11; Jeremiah 24:7; Deut. 30:6


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