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Be Encouraged


1 Kings 22:14

Speak what the LORD tells you to speak. No need for us to embellish anything that HE has spoken into our spirit to share with others.

Rom. 1:11-12

Just as Paul had a strong desire to see those that he wanted to impart some type of spiritual gift to establish the hearer, the listener, the ones who have faith. So we too should have that same desire because this not only will encourage those that will listen and operate by faith but we who are speaking only what the LORD tells us to speak will encourage us as well along with those that we encourage by mutual faith.

Col. 2:2

With all the foolish talk that we endure in our daily lives, do you not think that it is refreshing to listen to words of encouragement that have a positive effect on us? Every believer’s heart should be braced, cheered, and comforted through being encouraged as our hearts are being knitted together in love. This will give to us an abounding wealth along with blessings of assured conviction in our understanding, that we may become progressively more intimate, more acquainted with, and know without wavering the accuracy and thoroughness of our GOD, who is the CHRIST.

Acts 15:31

I come from an era where my high-speed technology was an electric typewriter. With penmanship, a manual typewriter or an electric typewriter grammar and spelling were essential. This kept the flow of what was being relaid to the reader to know the complete thoughts and intent from the heart of the writer. Today, our high-speed technology has given us the in-home or portable computer via desk/laptop, and our mobile phones. There is no reason we do not take some time to gather our hearts thoughts to share with someone words of encouragement. No embellishments because those words are often laced in lies. Adorn the words that we speak or write in truth and love. Speak only those words that the LORD GOD has provided for us to speak, no more, and no less. Speak not in the personal or self-righteous desire that we have because someone is not doing, looking, or speaking in a manner that is distasteful to us. After all, we will never win a soul by Bible-bashing or discouragement but we will win souls through the Gospel of CHRIST JESUS and encouragement. Remember, it was JESUS who through HIS being born loves you, JESUS who through HIS death saved you, JESUS who through HIS burial carried your sins away, JESUS who through HIS resurrection justified you, and now HE is seated next to the FATHER on HIS right-hand side preparing for that day when HE will return to gather only those who belong to HIM.


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