Heaven, is it a place or concept of religion? Is heaven far, far away? A place we all thwill like to go but most don’t want to adhere to the requirements to enter in. A place where everyone proclaims their loved one has gone and become an angle. Heaven is an expansion which surrounds all of the creation and no matter how educated man becomes with our flight into the atmosphere. We will never accomplish getting towards the nearness of heaven. Or can we? If we settled for the description alone of heaven which is found in the book of Revelations than heaven is the home of GOD, the place where HE resides and is seated on HIS throne. Then there is a middle heaven where the orbits, the sun, moon stars, and galaxies reside. And lastly, the final heaven would be our earth where life is. However, for me and this is just me and no one has to agree with me here but heaven is also in my heart. Why? Because the FATHER, SON-CHRIST JESUS, and the Holy Ghost reside and are seated on the throne of my heart. 

The kingdom of GOD for the believer, I like to think the kingdom came and took residence within the heart of every blood washed and purchased possessor of CHRIST JESUS. People like this have only one desire and that is to do the will of the FATHER. There are no wishy-washy thoughts about their residency in heaven because they have heaven in their heart at all times. Our FATHER’s kingdom is near and is not some distant and far off place out of our reach.

I believe and this is just my opinion that most of my Christian siblings don’t know or understand how near heaven is for them. Is it because they have misplaced or don’t understand hope? Most of my siblings speak about hope as though it’s a wish or a coin thrown into a fountain or a wish that is hoped to come true if a candle is blown out. I know Christians who still believe in luck and luck cancels out blessings because luck is to live under corrupt knowledge. When blessings are the favor of GOD HIMself. Most Christians no longer have hope because they have placed their expectations on individuals and received the opposite of what they hoped for. So now when it comes to the Word of GOD and especially prayer when things don’t work out in the time frame in which we want them to we again have lost our hope believing that we have been let down. Sure we may put on a mask and say all the right words to cover up our disappointment as to what happened and our lack of understanding. But we never look inwardly to see if we may have misunderstood what our FATHER through CHRIST JESUS is telling us. We rarely take the time to study and break down to research the Word as we are supposed to and communication with the FATHER is mostly a begging moment. Give me, give me. Heaven is our home, a place for us to chill, unwind, relax, conversate with our FATHER, visit with JESUS become more knowledgeable of our surroundings there. We are born again because of GOD who is our FATHER through our LORD JESUS CHRIST. We have abundant and boundless mercy, we are reborn, renewed, set apart and spiritually transformed just for HIS purpose. This is our assurance, confidence and everlasting hope through HIS resurrection for us. Not only that but because of CHRIST JESUS we have an inheritance which is beyond the reach of changing into corruption reserved in heaven for us, and GOD’s power is protecting and shielding our faith.

Sometimes I believe that when life gets to be a bit too much for us that we should just stop and do as the multitude of angels did one night. Proclaiming aloud in the heavenly/the air, “Glory to GOD in the highest [heaven], and on earth peace among men with whom HE is well-pleased.” We need to “Glorify GOD in the heaven” and we need to remember that GOD desires that we be at peace and that HE is well pleased with us. Though the original Herald was about JESUS we do this as a reminder to ourselves that GOD is our FATHER in heaven and that HE was and is well pleased with HIS SON JESUS. And because of JESUS and our faith in HIM, the FATHER is well pleased with us. We must remain in this hope of knowing that our GOD who is our FATHER has a love for us that is so rich in mercy it’s far too great and wonderful for our finite minds to ever comprehend. Our hope is in CHRIST JESUS, we are raised up in CHRIST JESUS, and we are seated with CHRIST JESUS in the heavenly places. This is our knowledge of hope which is unmeasurable and unsurpassed by the riches of HIS grace and kindness towards us in CHRIST JESUS.

Everything that GOD spoke is still being exhibited today. GOD sits on the arch of the earth and all of HIS creations are like grasshoppers. GOD stretched heaven out like a veil and the inhabitants are in their appropriate tents.

Matthew 6:10, 24:35; Colossians 1:5; 1 Pt. 1:3-4, Luke 2:13-14, Eph. 2:4, 7; Psalms 19:1, Is. 40:22, Gen. 1:6-7.



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