Be Honest


(Lev. 19:11)

After reading the first 19 versus of this chapter; I was reminded of how awesome it is to live under grace and not the law. The NT holds grace and the OT is the law for which we are no longer subject to its rituals; for if we were, all if not most of us would be dead for breaking every law and ritual ceremony.

This book explains how we are to conduct ourselves morally; a conduct which seems to have gotten lost in America. The older generation of citizens; no longer impart wisdom and etiquette to the younger generation. This may have a lot to do with the younger generation not willing to listen. Everyone seems to be out for themselves; I often hear this in the atmosphere “I gotta get mine”.

We no longer have respect for self and others; we have grown to a society that will cheat; lie; steal or kill at a drop of a hat and ask; what in the world is going on? Morality begins in the home; teach your children to respect you; don’t speak evil of the other parent when the two of you have disagreements. Teach your child/ren not to cheat, lie, steal but make sure you are not doing the same thing. Who or what is it that you honor most? Your possessions, what you have or can get your hands on or JESUS? Is work or play above JESUS? Anyone or anything that is above JESUS is your god; it’s your idol. Entertainers and sports figures are often referred to as idols. Idol is just another word for god. The use of the name GOD and JESUS is so watered down in our conscience and heart that we have no problem using the name GOD or JESUS to swear by; use in connection with profanity or general conversation when we are not calling on those names for help and guidance. Seeking salvation is the first time you should be calling on GOD through JESUS. If you don’t believe in HIM than you will never know how ignorant your speech is each time you call on the name of GOD or JESUS for nothing. Why don’t you use your own name in your speech? We come against our neighbors because we really don’t have a concept of who our neighbors are. We are limited by our thinking; our neighbors are those who dwell in the house next to ours as well as those who live in Jerusalem. We are an unjust nation; looking down on those less fortunate than we are and upholding those who are better off than we are financially. But I tell you the one who has JESUS dwelling within him is far wealthier than a billionaire. People can go about gossiping about nothing but have a difficult time sharing their faith in JESUS. Gossip travels throughout this world at a rate of speed close to that of light. But the people in the world are still deaf to JESUS. We have CHRISTians who are still dealing with anger and revenge who have been saved for over a decade. Why is this; we should be accountable to one another. Help our brothers and sisters in the body of JESUS. We are all struggling with something but we want to walk around praising the LORD with mask on. We are a hurting people who do not fulfill giving GOD the type of glory HE deserves. We are to keep the statutes of GOD but we can’t if we don’t even understand what statutes mean.

According to the dictionary statute means a permanent law; an enactment made by legislative branch of the government. Citizens who are criminals will obey the law of the land made by corrupt men but we will not obey GOD. Kirk Franklin said something that I will borrow. “Some of our politicians and some of our police are corrupt; the government makes the laws and the police enforce the law. We as citizens will stop at a stop light but we will not stop at sin”.

GOD truly is higher than legislature; yet there are so many people who are not honest and that’s because they do not love.

GOD has informed you that when you belong to HIM you are holy.

Leviticus 11:44-45; 19:2; 21:8

Isaiah 62:12

GOD has informed you that when you belong to HIM that HE is your GOD.

Exodus 6:7; 15:26; 20:2, 5

Leviticus 11:44; 18:21; 19:2, 4, 12, 10 14, 32; 20:24; 18:2, 4, 30; 19:3, 25, 31, 34, 36; 20:7; 22:33; 23:22, 43; 24:22; 25:17, 38; 26:1, 13

Numbers 10:10; 15:41

Deuteronomy 5:6, 9; 29:6

Joshua 23:14

Judges 6:10

Psalm 81:10

Isaiah 43:3; 48:17; 51:15

Ezekiel 20:5, 19-20; 23:49; 34:31

Hosea 12:9

Joel 2:27; 3:17

JESUS your redeemer who is a Jew has proclaimed to the Israelites that HE is their GOD. And because we are descendents of Abraham the Father of faith; and heirs with JESUS those scriptures above are to us as well. The LORD JESUS The CHRIST is our GOD and we are to be holy for The LORD our GOD is Holy.

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