We are siblings in CHRIST JESUS, let’s love as such

Hebrews 13

It’s time that the body of CHRIST stop being divided and stop giving lip service of love and actually love one another as CHRIST loves the church. Or, better yet the way CHRIST JESUS loves us individually. The love that JESUS has for us is not based on condition of performance. If it was; none of us would qualify for HIS love. HIS love for us individually is unconditional. There is absolutely nothing any of us can say or do that will change the way HE loves us. There is absolutely no one or anything that can take us out of HIS hand. We belong to HIM eternally. JESUS has informed us that HE will never leave us and HE will never turn HIS back on us. Many of us will say “I got your back” that is until trouble comes than the other persons back is bare of your support. So that when they turn looking for your support all they get to see is your back and you’re kicking feet running away. How many of you remember when you were a little kid and you used to say “my daddy is stronger than your daddy” or as long as your siblings or cousins were around you talked a big game because you knew that they would be right in the mix with you. Yeah, we barked a lot of wolf tickets with weak assurance. But, now we can boldly make the claim with full assurance that the LORD JESUS is our helper and that we have absolutely nothing to fear at all. Mankind can’t do anything to us that JESUS has not already been through HIMSELF. Also; it’s wonderful to have godly pastors teaching us through the Word of GOD kingdom principles; teaching us through the Word of GOD who we are in JESUS; teaching us through the Word of GOD that we are more than conquerors because JESUS has already conquered sin. Teaching us; through the Word of GOD how to love our CHRISTian family as well as those who are lost in sin. Pastors who lead in this manner as well as have an honest conduct in their private and public lives are people we are drawn to and are most likely to obey. We will always witness their faith in operation; I’m not saying that we as pastors are perfect people but we should be transparent. This is apart of helping another in the faith who is less strong to grow in strength. Why wear a mask; you are not attending a fancy dress party are you? JESUS is transparent; HE never changes; HE is the same yesterday, today and eternally. This is why our hearts are established in grace; because of HIS promised Word; HIS death, burial and resurrection. JESUS sanctifies HIS people; HE sets them apart with HIS own precious blood. HE did not allow HIS suffering to be done in secret; it was done out in the open for everyone to see. We too are to go; follow CHRIST JESUS in the open bearing HIS shame. People will come against us; from your mother on down. Don’t focus so much on what this world has to offer; focus on seeking JESUS who is to return; soon. Never for any reason discontinue the sacrifice of praise to our DADDY. Some people will just stop once they obtain employment; recover from an illness; find a new home; the purchase of a new car; get a man or woman in their lives. If JESUS was good enough for you when the chips were down; why isn’t HE good enough when it seems things are going your way? We are to offer our DAD the sacrifice of praise which is the fruit of our lips; thanking HIM just for HIS very name if we fall short of why to thank HIM. Remember to do well to others at all times and if we have it to give share with those who are in need. Actually, if we go a step further it would not hurt us. Many years ago I heard this minister say that someone admired a piece of jewelry that she was wearing; so she wrapped the jewelry up in a gift box and had given it to that person. I thought to myself; I wonder if I would be willing to do that? Later that same year my cousin who was older than nine but less than thirteen admired a diamond JESUS pendant I was wearing. I immediately thought about that minister; so I took the pendant off and pinned it to her. My aunt; who is her grandmother was shocked by the exchange. I told her that she could not lose the pendant and the next time I saw her and asked about the pendant I wanted her to be honest of its wear about. Now, my cousin is in her thirty’s and she still has that pendant. I thought that the exchange was easy because of her being my cousin; however, I found myself doing that to strangers as well. This is a practice that I still continue when I can; there have been times when I’ve been complimented on my attire and I just knew from looking at the women my outfit would swallow them up or if it’s a man I just have to say thank you. I’ve given those examples to show that when we provide acts of kindness and expect absolutely nothing in return; DAD and JESUS are well pleased. Last but not least; remember to pray for our leadership; those in the community; in the schools; in the workplace and on the commute. We don’t have to know the names of people; the LORD GOD knows their names and HE will honor our prayers. The best prayer to pray because we don’t know; is to pray for the salvation and deliverance of others. JESUS will show us once we get to heaven the person we led to JESUS all because of an unselfish prayer we prayed while on our way to work. For yourself and your CHRISTian siblings pray that we all have a good conscience in all things and to live honorable. Know that the GOD of peace brought up our big brother the LORD JESUS from the dead; HE is the great Shepherd of all us sheep. It is through HIS precious blood that we have and share in an everlasting covenant which will cause us to be perfect in every good work of doing HIS will. What we do for HIM will be well pleasing in our DAD’s sight through CHRIST JESUS who is glorified eternally. http://about.me/amfbministry

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