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October 5, 2020

The Holy Spirit Carries-Revelation 21:10

Today, we have reached the finale’ on this series regarding the Holy Spirit.

The revelation of John is greatly misunderstood when in essence it should give the family of GOD great pleasure because HE has allowed us to see a glimpse of our Savior, the victory, and our home. As well as revealing the destruction of satan and his family. The destruction warning is not for us to become afraid, but to know what the outcome will be.

There are seven angels in heaven which have bowls that contain the seven last plagues which are GOD’s wrath [the justified punishment of crime and offenses; Ref: Rom. 1; 8]. Regardless of what may have been witnessed by way of illness, disease, sickness, or disasters that many people have called GOD’s anger or HIS judgment, is proof that they did not know what they were talking about. Had any of these effects that people out of ignorance spoke about was truly GOD’s anger, judgment, and wrath, then those effects should have turned many to JESUS, but they did not. And the wrath of GOD that is to come will be much too late for those who are persistent in turning their backs on JESUS. 

One of these seven angels took John and gave him a tour of the New Jerusalem which will descend out of heaven. So, for those of you who believe that you will be up in heaven throughout eternity, understand that our home is called the New Jerusalem and we will live out our eternity as our CREATOR intended in the Garden of Eden. 

Now, John was not in his natural state as we are. As a child of GOD, I hope that you have experienced being before The FATHER and the SON in the Holy Spirit. It is unforgettable, you can recall being swept up, transported, floating upward, and seeing things but cannot express anything that you saw. But you know as well as you know your name that you were in the presence of your FATHER and Savior. When we come back into our natural minds we become sadden because we had to return back to earth but we never forget the experience and it is much grander when we have our spiritual sibling or siblings with us because they are witness to the same experience. As we descend we know spiritually to wait for the return of our siblings and once we all have returned back to our natural state, we remain in a time of great worship unaware of how much time has passed. For me, I am certain that John felt the same way if not greater although he was given a command to record and share that which he saw. So, I understand when John reveals to us that he was not aware of his state but clear about who gave to him the tour of heaven and by whom he was there; the Holy Spirit.

 How much better off we all would be if we allowed the Holy Spirit to have control of us rather than demonic spirits? Because, if the Holy Spirit is not the One who is in control of us in human form know that it is a demonic spirit who is. There are other Biblical recordings of those chosen by GOD to see HIS plans, those who were led by the angel as they were carried by the Holy Spirit such as Ezekiel. Now back to John.

Now, I must confess to you all who is reading this, never in my studies have I received revelation knowledge of what I had been instructed on in school or otherwise regarding the reference to Ezekiel and the New Jerusalem. The only thing I can share with you regarding my finite understanding which does not amount to much when it comes to anything that pertains to GOD. If what I share was not taught or revealed to my spirit by the Holy Ghost and that is to me what I have read in the following chapters of Ezekiel chapters 40-48, all seems natural to me with the exception of this. Ez. 43:2-7.

I invite you to write to me and please share with me the revelation knowledge that you have received from the Holy Spirit. So that I may add wealth to my knowledge of understanding.

So, in conclusion, the Holy Spirit can, does, and will carry some of us whoever He will to places unimaginable. I myself have never asked the FATHER to transport me anywhere, it just happened to my recollection twice. Once, when I was alone in the natural sense. And, another when I was on the phone with a dearly beloved sister in CHRIST. Close to three hours had passed when I came to my natural mindset and we could barely give our salutations to one another because we were so engulfed in the residue of heaven.

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