Bless GOD I’m still learning!



 Recently my body has been showing signs of inner stress that I have not been aware of. I know without any doubt in my being that I walk in Galatians 5:22-26.
This week my mother and I was on the phone and as I was listening to her speak (basically that’s all you can do because she does not allow you to reciprocate in the conversation LOL).
As I was listening to her she asked me a question regarding my adult daughter who is a new young mother. My answer to her was that I was just praying and hoping that it would pass. My mother then reminded me of the scripture regarding 1Sa.2:22-25, now I don’t call on these things I will continue to believe and pray for my child to walk in her destiny but it got my attention.
In 2003 I was delivered from anger, anxiety, depression, and oppression and that curse was quickly replaced with Joy, Peace, Gentleness, Kindness, Love, Longsuffering, Goodness, Faith, Meekness and Temperance. This gift is just as evident within me today as it was when I took the gift.
Today I was reminded in a message that we were given some Keys. Keys are given to an owner only and those keys were designed to do only 2 things Lock & Unlock.
Also I was reminded what happens when we bind a thing.
Bind = to unite by any legal or moral tie; to put under legal obligation, as to keep the peace or appear as a witness; restrict or restrain.
Now although I have the peace of GOD dwelling in me and I walk in HIS peace, I have not been walking in Perfect Peace. Though I have been delivered from anxiety my subconscious has been holding on to things that I have concern about. Matthew 6:31Therefore do not worry. This has caused my flesh to go into overload and my skin revealed a rash that could not be treated with medication. It kept getting worse until the stress went away.
So my friends I have decided to take GOD at HIS Word and use the key to bind and loose. Maybe you too have thought about some issues that you thought was taken care of because of the walk of faith but you don’t see the promise in your presence. Use your keys to first lock up what has no legal right to plague your life then bind it up and lock the doors; windows and any other opening that the enemy will come in. Then use your key to unlock what is legally right according to the promises. For everything you lock up that is negative there is a positive that you unlock.
I may just take it a bit further and caulk up any cracks by confessing GODs Word at the first sight or hearing of a thing that I know is not from GOD. The enemy who is crafty will not seep into the cracks that I’m not aware of when I know that I must be faster on the draw than he is.

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