Examine yourself

2 Corinthians 13

To the self appointed fault finding police; the anal retentive people who are too legalistic to enjoy life and cause others to be miserable around them and the self appointed judges. When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and examined yourself according to the LORD JESUS? When was the last time you listened to what others have said about you and gone to the FATHER to find out if what two or three witness are saying really has merit? When was the last time you focused on becoming a loving individual that others would like to spend time with as others were drawn to JESUS? JESUS was all GOD and all human; HE enjoyed the company of others; HE visited the homes of others; HE was and is enjoyable. What about yourself? When I was growing up as a child; my great-grandmother would say everything has its place. Now that may have been for housekeeping only; however, it proves correct in our walk with the LORD JESUS.

  • To the fault finding police; it’s not your job to find fault with everyone else when you have your own issues that you must surrender to the LORD JESUS.
  • To the anal retentive; of which I am. There is a place and a time for this gift. Yes, it is a gift but when it’s not used properly it can become a curse. An anal retentive person is a person who is very orderly to the point of being stringent. An anal retentive person whether the exhibit is inward or outward can be very mean and stubborn which is brought on because something as simple as a pencil was not returned in the exact placement that it was originally left. The gift is being able to bring about order the curse is being stringent. I had to be delivered; I still love order; however, today I don’t go ballistic when my personal possessions are not replaced as I left them; I’m just happy that they are replaced.
  • To the self appointed judges; when a person proclaims to be a Christian we are to judge them based on the fruit which is produced.

We don’t need to run behind them pointing our fingers at them proclaiming their errors.  When we see a strawberry patch we don’t proclaim that it’s a watermelon patch. Ever heard if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck then it’s a duck? Okay, a righteous judgment has been made. When a person proclaims to be a Christian; their true fruit will be revealed in due season. However with people especially in America, these United States, a country built on Christian principles; everyone until they say different is self- considered to be a Christian. If you truly are a Christian the term “Born-again” is always used. A born-again is just like one who is born in the natural; no human is born fully mature and it’s the same for the born-again. Be it naturally or spiritually we must all grow up and become mature. We become spiritually mature by communicating with our heavenly FATHER; reading the Word, study the Word, attend bible study and come together to praise and worship our living GOD in unity. We will also always say that JESUS CHRIST is the Son of the living GOD. That JESUS and the FATHER are one; JESUS is glorified with GOD, JESUS was with HIS FATHER before the world was, JESUS was manifested to take away our sins and in HIM there is no sin. And the crème de la crème; every spirit that does not confess that JESUS CHRIST has come in the flesh is not of the living GOD. Whoever confesses that JESUS is the SON of the living GOD; the living GOD lives within them and HE in them. Failing this self test will only prove that you don’t belong to the LORD JESUS as you thought. Whom and what you love remains on your mind. We must remain in constant prayer that we will do no wrong in the eyes of our LORD and Savior JESUS the CHRIST. We must do what is right before our GOD who is our LORD and Savior; JESUS the CHRIST. Doing what is right does not make us weak, on the contrary it makes us strong and the truth will not be hidden. Even in death the truth always prevails; we can change our outer appearance but on the Coroners table the truth is revealed. Become perfect in CHRIST JESUS; build one another up and do not tear each other down either in the company of or out of the company of your brothers and sisters. The grace of the LORD YESHUA the MESSIAH, the love of GOD and the fellowship of the Ruach HaKodesh be with you all. Amen; CJB. The grace of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, and the love of GOD, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen; NKJV. http://amfbem.me


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