JESUS-Matthew 4:1-18

It is encouraging to know that the Word of GOD has already informed HIS children that temptation is common to mankind. As long as we are in the Word of GOD we will be exposed to temptation. This is why we must always be on watch; not to the point of being paranoid but aware of the enemy’s devices. Let’s take a look at how the enemy tempted JESUS.

First of all it was the Holy Spirit which led JESUS into the wilderness. This explains why in Matthew 6:13 the prayer makes a request that we are not lead into temptation but delivered from the evil one. JESUS had become weak from hunger and thirst; many can relate to this because some of us get weak if we have not eaten in four hours or one day. Forget about being hungry and thirsty for forty days and nights. The game plan of the enemy will never change; he will always come to us when we are at our weakest in anything that we have given up for a moment in time or for good. No one can be tempted to say or do anything that they have never experienced. Either the enemy did not recognize JESUS or he was trying to cause doubt in the mind of JESUS. But I love how my JESUS shows us how to deal with accusations that try to inflict doubt of what the Living GOD has promised to HIS children, who we are and who we are in HIM. JESUS informs the enemy that mankind is not dependent on food but on the bread of life which comes from GOD to feed us. Unfortunately for us; the enemy knows the Word of GOD better than we do but he will never tell us the full truth as to what the Word of GOD informs us. Take a look at Psalm 91:11-12; do you notice how he did not recite this scripture accurately? However, instead of JESUS correcting him HE simply responded with Deuteronomy 6:16; don’t feel bad; I too am weak in this area. We are a generation of paraphrasers and this hurts us in the worst way. Because the enemy does attack us with half truths from the Word of GOD and just like Eve; we don’t catch it and the enemy knows that he has us in his clutches. People in ignorance have fallen down and worshiped idols/false gods either physically or mentally. To name a short few false gods; think about your reaction when you thought that you were in desperate need of a fresh supply from your idol. Alcohol, drugs, food, money, people, sex; get the idea? However, here again JESUS has given us a clear example as to how we are to deal with false deities; tell them to go away; you yourself may have to turn your back and walk or run away. Give up your false god and serve and worship the One and Only True and Living GOD. The children of the Living GOD has angels that have charge over us and it is their job to fulfill what our FATHER has for us. When we rely on HIM; the angels will minister to our needs; this is why GOD has promised that all our needs are met according to HIS riches in heaven. Your angels must heed to the voice of the Word of GOD and when you make a request that is according to the will of the FATHER they do must do accordingly; Psalm 103:20. 

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