Character: Part 11

Hebrews 13:1-7

     How genuinely easy it for you to love those you know; those that you know and don’t like and those that you don’t know at all? It’s not easy is it?

     Yet this is an important part that must be within our character. It does not matter if you like, know or don’t know people. We are commanded to love just as JESUS loves.

     Hospitality towards others is just being kind and helpful. There are so many people walking around with masks on. There are many people walking around with anger in their eyes, their face reveal the hatred or hurt that has overtaken there heart.

     You may have heard how just speaking; smiling or complimenting someone may just save that person from death. Suicide often consumes the thoughts of many people.

     There are too many people who are mistreated in this world. No one walks around full of anger and hurt just because it’s in there DNA. Something awful has happened.

     Having a character of love, gentleness and kindness especially towards someone who you come in contact with on a daily basis can turn a person around. You will be known for your compassion by everyone that is familiar with you.

     Being known as a person who does not look for what someone can do for you, being one who is not driven by the cares of this world. Being content with what you have and if necessary offer what you have to help another. We as Americans have more than what we need anyway. I’m certain that all homes have something that can help another person.

     So show hospitality to your fellow being. Show hospitality which is charity; gentleness; and kindness to everyone regardless whether you know them or not. Show hospitality which is charity; gentleness and kindness to everyone regardless whether you like a person or not.

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