What does it mean for the body of CHRIST to be unified in our faith? Well, I hope in confidence that I can write that we all accept and believe that JESUS rose from the dead. We also accept and believe that JESUS is the SON of our heavenly FATHER the Living GOD.

After this it gets gray in our unity of faith; some of us don’t believe that JESUS is GOD as is described in John chapter 1. Some of us believe that JESUS was killed or murdered when in actuality JESUS gave up HIS Spirit because you can’t kill GOD. Some of us when we are going through the symptoms or are diagnosed with ailments would rather claim what we feel or are diagnosed with. Rather than confess what JESUS has told us; that we are healed. Some of us walk by sight, not by faith and some of walk by faith then by sight. The list goes on and on.

What this should reveal to us is that we either rely too much on what we are being taught or preached solely from the pulpit and at bible study. We are not sticking our noses into the Word of GOD for ourselves and studying the living Word and applying the scriptures to our lives. And then if we are we are either studying the wrong scriptures and confessing what no longer is applicable to the blood washed and redeemed CHRISTian.

If you have accepted, believe and by faith know that you know that JESUS was born of a virgin birth. Died a sinless death for the entire planet / world. Was raised on the third day with all authority / power in HIS hands. Then we must study the post crucifixion scriptures which are found in Acts – Revelations. This is where we get our daily dose of vitamins from; this is where we grow in the knowledge of our FATHER; this is how we come to know who we are in CHRIST JESUS. These are the scriptures that teach us how to live, move, speak and think as the Overcomer we are in victory.

It’s in these books that the redeemed CHRISTian will grow in maturity and we will find that because we are all eating the same food. We all will become more unified and people will notice a difference and we will attract more lost souls to JESUS rather than detract them because of our division.

We must use the post crucifixion scriptures which are the gospels especially the book of John if we are speaking to our non-Jewish friends and the other books if we are speaking to our Jewish friends. And though the Old Testament, Psalms and Proverbs are useful (my personal suggestion) I would stay clear of them. Because they show a warring GOD or King David asking for what JESUS has provided to us on the cross. Admit it; even some of you who are reading this blog stand firm on the wrath of GOD’s anger rather than HIS forgiveness and loving kindness. Or maybe you are asking GOD for what King David requested not realizing that you are already the possessor of what he was requesting. Those that tend to dwell on feast, festivals, laws and HIS anger forget or find it difficult to gravitate toward the finished work that was done for us on the cross at Calvary.


 Eph. 4:13-16

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