Character: Part 3

Knowing right from wrong yet doing what’s right.

There are always people who will place into our life rules and regulations or suggestions that we should follow. I am going to tell a story in the hopes that you will understand what is being said in the book of Mark.

A teen age male named Mark who is about 13. He was told by his mother not to socialize with some of the boys that are from his neighborhood because they were not his friends and was nothing but trouble. Mark disputed what his mother was telling him and agreed to do as she said.

While Mark is in school he socializes with the neighborhood boys and as long as he keeps clear of his mother’s sight he’s gonna continue to socialize with those boys. In other words Mark disobeys his mother and follows along with what his so called friends say and do.

 Mark is now 16; he escaped getting into the deep trouble that his neighborhood friends have gotten themselves into. Yet he’s got a bit of a problem. His problem is that he does not take heed to the warnings that his mother often gives to him about being outside of the house. Away from his mother’s watchful eye. Mark has had some close calls yet because Mark has not been in any really tough situations he forgets easily how he felt. Now, Mark has gotten himself into some major trouble. Mark has been taken to the city jail due to petty thief. Mark’s mother makes him sweat it out for a day.

 Mark is now 19. He barely got out of high school and he’s ready to do all the things that his mother told him not to do. After all he is an adult (which means legal age of responsibility only) no one can tell him not to go here, not to speak in this manner and not to be with these people. Mark sets his own rules and regulations. Mark knows right from wrong, he has received great love and care from his mother yet because he was defiant in his heart, Mark made some very wrong choices in his adult life.

 Because Mark had not really given his attention to his studies and not wanting to further his education. Mark could not find employment so he hung out with his buddies, also who was doing nothing with their lives. Mark began to drink and do drugs which led to petty thief. Mark sank lower and lower because he was more concerned about what was going on in the world. He attended parties often. He used to wear the most up to date clothes so that he could impress the ladies, when his momma was buying his clothes. He would lie to be impressive so that his peers would look up to him. Mark found out that the cares of this life will destroy you, unfortunately Mark found out too late. Mark is doing time in the State Penitentiary.

 Mark is now 29, 10 years in the penitentiary and he’s had nothing but time on his hands. So what do you think Mark did? Mark thought about all the rules and regulations that his mother had taught him. He remembered how she intervened when she could to prevent him from experiencing anything that was harmful to him. Mark realized that his mother was not trying to keep him from having fun; she was trying to show him that without positive guidance you will be destroyed by this world. Positive influence is required in everyone’s life. Mark made a decision that because he already knows right from wrong and he’s already tried it his way which was wrong that he will turn his back on those things that he did and do the complete opposite which is right.

 Mark while in the penitention went to college and earned a degree. With his mother’s help he was given a chance to work in an environment in which he holds a degree. And he’s mentoring young people in the hopes of keeping them from making the same mistakes he made.

 Scripture reference: Mark 4:1-20 

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