Are we familiar with our heavenly inheritance? Our heavenly inheritance that the beloved has when we believe and confess CHRIST openly through the mouth from the heart is this. We have a living hope which is boundless in the mercy of CHRIST because HE rose from the dead and proved HIMself to be alive. In HIS rising we are born-again not of flesh and blood which is human effort but in the Spirit of the Almighty GOD. We instantly become that which is beyond the ability to change and decay through perishing. We are no longer soiled, tarnished and fading. This is the inheritance that awaits us in heaven. Our earthly flesh is made from the dust of the ground and it returns back to the ground daily and then finally through the decay of death. Because of our faith in CHRIST we are being guarded in GOD’s power until the time will come when we will receive the full inheritance of our salvation that will be revealed in the last day. This is why we should be overjoyed instead of looking as though we are sucking on lemons or drinking sour pickle juice. As long as we remain alive on earth we are going to experience some distress through trials and we will be tested, this is only to reveal to ourselves how genuine our faith in CHRIST is. GOD will test us but never tempt us. We must know that our faith in CHRIST is more valuable than any gemstone and will be judged whether or not we are worthy of praise, glory, and honor of CHRIST when HE is revealed. None of us have seen CHRIST yet we say that we love, believe, exult and show overly expressions of joy regarding HIM. This is because we are receiving daily the results of our faith in CHRIST the salvation of our souls. Prophets have prophesied, searched and asked with a deep interrogation about this salvation. They needed to find out who this was to happen to and when. We get this way when the Spirit of CHRIST works within us we become earnestly inquisitive about CHRIST. Because the Holy Spirit is the One who was working in the Prophets He pointed out to them the predictions of sufferings that CHRIST will endure and the glories which will follow. This was spoken to the Prophets of old because they were taught by the Holy Spirit that the information was not to be kept by them but was to be shared because the knowledge that they were given was not for the timeframe in which they lived. But was for those that were born and lived before us to know as well as for us today. And we too are to share the Good News of CHRIST the difference is that we don’t have to share that CHRIST will suffer because HE already has for us. We are to share what HE has done for us as well as what HE taught while HE lived among us on earth. This same Holy Spirit who never changes will equip us to speak the truth about the Truth/CHRIST. Ha-ha, it is wonderful to know that even the angels in heaven are taking a long look into what CHRIST has done and is doing for mankind because they do not understand them. Or rather, they do not understand us for making CHRIST so very irrelevant.

CHRIST suffered only the once for our sins and only the once was a complete requirement because HIS suffering perfectly paid in full our sin debt. And though CHRIST suffered and died in the hopes that all mankind will come back to GOD it was known by HIM that all mankind will not believe in HIM and because of that many will die in their sins and descend down into hell and the lake of fire. CHRIST died in the flesh but CHRIST was made alive again by the Spirit of GOD. The same Holy Spirit that will come and reside within us will help us to share CHRIST with others.


Because CHRIST suffered for us in HIS flesh we should be willing to suffer for HIM in our flesh but we find this to be too much to ask of us. When we put on the mind of CHRIST and discontinue living willy-nilly in the sin of our flesh which lusts after those things that we believe we are in need of but actually we don’t need them at all. Then we will understand what it means to live in the rest and will of GOD. For all of us one day is too many days to live in sin but for many of us who are living years, decades and generations {that is if we have as many as five generations of our family living}, in sin and now we and our house have come to CHRIST and yet we continue to do what we know is a sin. Don’t we know that we have spent more than enough time living in our past lifetime as a heathen? We did everything we wanted to do and often said that we were hurting no one but ourselves. Only to find out that not only were we hurting ourselves but we were hurting those who love us. Once we have changed our minds from feeding our flesh in the depravity of sin many will think that we are strange or religious when actually we are in a relationship with CHRIST. If anyone has a negative word to say know that we are in great company because they spoke and still speak negatively about CHRIST. Everyone who chooses not to believe in CHRIST will have to give an account to HIM the only One who can and will judge the unrighteous. Before coming to CHRIST we were already dead and unrighteous but once we came to CHRIST we became immediately alive and righteous in HIM.


The prophetic word of CHRIST is trustworthy and those who believe in HIM do not or no longer follow after lies. We know about the power and the return of CHRIST and have a desire to share this with others. CHRIST is majestic, HE has dignity within HIS person/appearance, and HE is grand and princely. CHRIST received from HIS FATHER honor and glory when HIS FATHER said from heaven while CHRIST was on the earth and others heard this, “this is MY Beloved SON, in HIM I AM well pleased”. Mankind the very image of GOD who created us will do very well when we take regard with care, taking notice of HIS truth and attend to HIS Word. CHRIST is the light that shines in the darkest of places when HE moves into our hearts the morning star shines in the dawn. And be aware of this fact, no prophesy of the scriptures is to be kept to oneself and explained falsely, true prophesy does not come by the will of mankind, true prophecy comes from the Spirit of GOD who urges HIS Words to be shared among others.


This is how we will know who actually belongs to CHRIST and who actually has CHRIST inside of their heart. Those that keep the commandments of CHRIST. Because those who say that they know CHRIST yet will willingly and knowingly do their own will and not that of the FATHER is a liar and the Truth is not present inwardly. Keep the Word of GOD and truly the love of GOD is being perfected within. It is by this that we will know and so will others know that we are in CHRIST. Live as CHRIST lived. If you say that CHRIST is living within you and yet you hate your CHRISTian sibling or can’t get along than you are filled with darkness. When we love our CHRISTian sibling and try as much as possible to get along we have HIS light within us and we will refrain from stumbling and falling.

Those of us who truly believe  will adhere to and we trust and we rely on the fact that JESUS is the CHRIST/MESSIAH is born-again of the living Almighty GOD. And those of us who love the FATHER has to love CHRIST the FATHER’s First born. And because of this, we are able to love all our siblings because we know HIS order and we keep HIS commands and teaching. We are born of GOD and because of this we are victorious it is our faith that causes us to be victorious of anything in this world. Victory only belongs to the children of the Highest GOD our FATHER through JESUS because we believe that HE is the Beloved SON and that HE is the CHRIST. The commandment of CHRIST has been the same from the very beginning and that is we are to love each other. We are to live out HIS commandments.

Those who have been beheaded because they refused to worship the beast or his image and have not received on their foreheads or hands will reign with CHRIST for one thousand years.

This is the conclusion of this six-part blog series. I hope that you have been encouraged, informed and inspired by what has been shared with you.

The grace (blessing and favor) of the LORD CHRIST JESUS (the MESSIAH) be with all the saints (GOD’s holy people, those set apart for GOD, to be, as it were, exclusively HIS). Amen (so let it be)! [AMP version of the Holy Bible].

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