Confession of sin

1 John 1:7-10

There is not one sin known or unknown to man that we cannot come to GOD and ask HIM to forgive us in JESUS name. GOD is compassionate; faithful; forgiving; merciful and HIS abundant grace delivers; heals; saves us from our mistakes. We don’t have to be ashamed or guilty for making a mistake; allowing our flesh to take over or straight out rebellion. The very instant that we are aware of a sin that we committed all we need to do is tell GOD what we did and ask HIM to forgive us in JESUS name. HE will. Sometimes we may have to go just a wee bit further and confess what we did; said or thought in regards to an individual and ask them to forgive us as well. However, know going in that the person may not be ready to forgive you. That’s okay; because more than you realize your obedience to GOD sets you free from condemnation more than the person you may have sinned against. But what if you have not sinned against someone but it was yourself? Confess to yourself and forgive yourself after you have confessed to GOD. Ex.: Let’s say you went to a bar & grill with friends for a night out. You had no intention of drinking but decided to after all. Now drinking is not a sin but being drunk is. Okay, now you are drunk; your friends help you home. The next day you remember what you did. Do you walk around all day or for days, weeks, months or years feeling ashamed or guilty? NO. Confess to GOD that you got drunk ask HIM to forgive you for getting drunk in JESUS name. Then tell yourself; I forgive you for getting drunk. Forget about the ordeal and live life. It seems very simple does it not? However, many people suffer because they are living with shame and guilt all because they have not confessed to GOD and let it go. We are human and the longer we have a relationship with JESUS the less we commit rebellious sin but we will have a tendency to slip up; this is called a mistake. Don’t let it take your freedom. There is no sin so bad that GOD will not forgive you for. GOD is our DADDY; get up in HIS lap or sit at HIS feet and let it go; give it to HIM. HE knows just what to do with our shortcomings.

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