Redemption-Luke 2:37-38

Oh to know the redemption of the LORD GOD. Those who know and understand what it means to be redeemed by the LORD GOD will share redemption with others. This was the case with Anna who spent most of her time praying and fasting. She fulfilled her destiny by serving the Most High GOD and telling everyone of the pleasure she found in thanking the LORD. Before JESUS was born in the flesh she shared what HIS childhood would be like. How the wisdom of GOD was on HIM and how HE would have wisdom above HIS years. This is encouraging to me because from generation to generation the lie that children don’t come with instructions has been said over and over. Well to some extent that is true; no, children are birthed with instructions attached to them. However, we have instructions on how we are to teach our children and how to become great parents. We can teach our children and share with others about the redemption of CHRIST JESUS and ask for wisdom which can only come from GOD in the first place. Everything good must be taught; everything evil is inherited and there is no need to teach or share how to be a sinner because we are born that way. It is our very nature. If we can teach our young ones the difference between right and wrong according to the world standards; why is it so difficult to teach them right according to the standards of GOD? We can find so many things to speak about and when it all comes down to it; we are saying absolutely nothing. But when we share the redemption of JESUS; what it means to be redeemed by HIS Blood; what it is that we have been redeemed from. Now that’s a conversation! If we must have something to talk about; let’s talk about JESUS. If we spent more time on the phone talking with our girlfriends about the redeeming power of JESUS rather than who is sleeping with who; who bought what; who did this or that; we would find ourselves refreshed and edified by our conversation. Guys, you’re not off the hook either; you too could spend less time chatting about your sexual conquest; the sports events and other such non essential matters. Most people talk more garbage than a little bit and if we could get paid for all the nonsense that we speak about; we could all be billionaires. Challenge yourself to look up scriptures about redemption and redeemed; find out what CHRIST has done for you through redemption and what you have been redeemed from. A good place to find out what you have been redeemed from is Deuteronomy 28: 15-68 and Galatians 5:19-21

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