Ask any inmate anywhere and he or she will tell you that the government will supply them with the basic requirements.

  1. Clothing
  2. Food
  3. Room, bed, bathroom and shower room
  4. Human contact
  5. Introduction to JESUS

I believe that the government is actually following the steps presented by our FATHER GOD. By being pseudo as we all are in some way when we too supply the needs to our children and others. We fulfill the needs and wants of human desire as best we can with our limitations.

It’s a fact that humans must be clothed, sheltered, fed, have a place to rest, have a place to expel waste and a place to bath. It’s also a fact that all humans whether they like to be alone or not must have human contact, we need to be around people. Being left in solitude for any continued period of time could drive a human to madness. And the greatest need every human has is to have a connection with their Creator. We all are always in search of someone and we never know who we are searching for. Along the way some of us get connected with cults and some of us believe in God and not JESUS, which means that we really don’t believe in the Living GOD.

However, the supply that we all receive from the LORD GOD are from HIS riches in glory through HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS. Believers and non-believers are in receipt of these blessings. But it is the believer who has a Shepherd in CHRIST JESUS and it is through HIM that we want for nothing.


Philippians 4:19; Ps. 23:1


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