Declaring GOD’s Glory

1 Chronicles 16:24

Everyone (the aint’s and the saints) can declare GOD’s glory in simple conversation. We are always ready to declare evil in speech and most times we speak on subject matters that we have not taken the time to thoroughly research. All anyone has to do is to really think about the work of GOD. Let’s think about a tree; some trees are planted by rivers of waters but all trees have deep strong roots; some trees have branches which are lifted upward and some trees have branches grown downward. Have you ever seen a weeping willow? Okay; now that we have whatever tree we are accustomed to seeing in our mind; notice this.

  • Planted by rivers of water

The roots are planted so deep within the soil that it is difficult for any storm to knock it over. Because the tree has life and because the soil is extremely moist the roots must dig itself deeper. We must dig our roots firmly into JESUS and live so that the storms of life do not knock us down. Only trees that are knocked down by the storms of life are dead trees. I think of palm trees and how they sway back and forth and you think that at any moment it’s going to become uprooted but it stands the storm.

  • Branches lifted upward

We are to stretch out our hands toward GOD. What happens when we stretch out our arms? We are in a position of surrender; but who will we surrender to; GOD or the enemy.

  • Bow

Bowing is a sign to whom or what we hold in highest respect. On earth man bow before Royalty or stand before people of great honor such as Brides; Judges or the President of the United States of America. However there is another form of bowing that people will do showing that someone or something has great power and deserve our respect. There are those who bow down to alcohol, drugs, hate, sex, sickness and so much more. But GOD has said every knee should bow. No one or no-thing deserves more respect or has more power than GOD. When we give our allegiance over to the effects of sin such as any circumstance we face in life; we begin to serve that which we see rather than what GOD has said and that storm has become our god. No one or no-thing should have first place in our lives except GOD The FATHER; JESUS The SON and HIS Holy Spirit. When we surrender our lives over to our CREATOR; study The Word and are led by The Holy Spirit we find ourselves daily declaring the glory of GOD. We will not be able to help it. We will always see the good all around us and all the good that is happening to us and others. We are miserable in life because of sin, what we allow ourselves to see and what we speak.  

Psalm 1:3

Romans 14:11

1 Timothy 2:8

Philippians 2:10

I looked up the word should in the Greek dictionary and the correct translation for the word should is will.

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