Forgive-Jeremiah 31:34

Are you forgiven? I can shout with a resounding YES; that I have been forgiven. Not only of my past, but of my present and my future; I am forgiven. My LORD GOD does not remind me of my past; when I make a mistake or sin; HE does not hold it against me. HE is not surprised by the things I think, look at, say, listen to, or do. HE’s not the One who is surprised by my thoughts and actions. I’m the one who is surprised. I don’t make a habit of committing sin with the activity of my body but my thoughts have not completely come under the full control of JESUS as yet. So when I realize that I am doing something against the will of my DAD, I choose to say forgive me although I know that HE already has. I am not condemned in any way by HIM. My DAD is merciful; HE understands that we are all on different levels of maturity and understanding of HIS Word. HE understands that full faith in HIM is not evident. This is why HIS mercy is new every morning; this is why we have HIS grace. We need HIM daily, we are lost without HIM. The enemy loves to remind us of our short comings. The good news is the bad news is lie. JESUS does not remember our lawless deeds or unrighteousness and the LORD GOD does not look behind the blood of CHRIST JESUS; HE looks at the blood of CHRIST JESUS. So please remember; if you belong to the LORD GOD Most High because you have accepted CHRIST JESUS as your Savior. You are forgiven, you are no longer condemned and the “Good News is, the bad news is a lie”. You are forgiven.

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