Ah, to have the constant satisfaction of the mind, to possess the joy that only the LORD can give. But alas, most people only delight themselves in the great pleasure that brings about satisfaction temporarily. The true delight is a more permanent pleasure than joy and not dependent on emotion or sudden excitement. True delight is what we experience from the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS, we are told to rejoice and again rejoice in the LORD GOD Almighty through HIS SON, JESUS. When we are able to continually be in this heart and mindset we will find ourselves to be pleased highly in HIM.

To be confident, leaning on and relying on CHRIST JESUS causes us to do well in HIM. Others will notice that we are settled unlike those that place their trust within themselves and others. And it’s because we are settled that we are able to feed on HIS faithfulness, not ours. Delighting ourselves in CHRIST JESUS causes us to receive the desires of our heart that we speak out to the FATHER through prayer. The moment that we make our request known to the FATHER, heaven delivers. Do we see the manifestation immediately? In some cases, no. But, there are times when the manifestation of our request is seen immediately. Our part is to believe that we have what we have prayed for and remain thankful without doubting in our heart because we have not seen anything. It’s in these times that because we don’t see anything that we begin to doubt and believe that our prayers were not heard. This is called walking by sight and not by faith. This is what the enemy desires for us to believe but we must trust in the Word of GOD because HE is the same yesterday, today and forever. We are to walk by faith and not by sight. HE is not a man that HE will lie to us and HIS Word will never return void. A lot of us need to think about that. Beloved children who have been washed free from sin through the blood of CHRIST JESUS. It’s because of honor, reverence, and worship of the LORD our GOD in heaven that HE fulfills our desire that keeps us in perpetual delight in HIM. Those who are not the children but the creation of the LORD GOD if you will only believe in JESUS then ask and cry out in your heart and mouth through confession that you need HIM and that you desire HIS forgiveness. You will be saved from sin, GOD’s anger and judgment, which will be exercised upon your death and the punishment is hell and the lake of fire. Don’t settle for temporary happiness and contentment. What are the first three letters of contentment? Con. And that’s exactly what we all have been conned. The next four letters are tent which is our home and most people are not satisfied at home for various reasons. The tent is also another name for our bodies, we have no delight in our bodies because if we did we would not destroy it with all the markings we place on it, we would not defile it the way we do through addictions and illicit sex. Even the very word of illicit shows us that to be illicit is an ill thing. We would not look in the mirror and not see that we are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of GOD. JESUS is not a con HE is a pro, in every area of our life in HIM we will find delightment because CHRIST JESUS is a delight. Come to JESUS and experience permanent delight in HIM forever.

Psalm 37:4; 21:2; 145:19


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