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September 22, 2020

Become Partakers of the Holy Spirit-Hebrews 6:4-6

This is my open confession, I have grown bored with many of the ministries that I have visited within the past few years [approximately twenty]. Why is this? Because each ministry that I have visited preach one of the following: (1) Current news events; (2) The Law of Moses,  their personal information that has nothing to do with bringing people to CHRIST; (3) Feeding the congregation milk (the teaching of water baptism, the laying on of hands, raising the dead, and eternal judgment) rather than feeding the congregation food that can be chewed. Two or three hours of this nonsense of not challenging the congregation to stretch their faith by applying what the Word of GOD informs us that we can do, and who we are in CHRIST JESUS. Negating to encourage and inspire the body of CHRIST to be the reflection of JESUS does us harm rather than good. Maybe, this is why so many congregants do not study the Word of GOD, do not have a personal and public Prayer Life, and do not have the faith to exercise the Word of GOD because in certain areas of their lives they do not trust JESUS.

We do not keep our babies on a liquid diet past three or six months so why are those who have been saved longer than three or six months still drinking milk and not solid food? Another experience I took notice of years ago is that many of the clergies do not spend quality time studying the Word of GOD so that they may deliver to their congregants fresh and delicious food but rather leftovers from sermons either found on the internet or television. As an evangelist, if my witnessing to people is different depending on the person I am witnessing to, then why is it that so many members of the body of CHRIST are still babies, youths, and teens after being saved by the Grace of GOD for five years or more. My heart breaks when I discover that my CHRISTian siblings have been saved for more than five years and they are still wearing their disposable diapers and have a pacifier in their mouths. And I feel sick on my stomach when those who have been saved ten or more years and they are no more mature in the ways of JESUS and HIS Holy Spirit then they were when they first believed. 

Please do not read more into this newsletter than is meant. I am not bashing those who are in leadership for not taking better care of their congregants because it is not their responsibility to go to each of their member’s homes, sit them down, and hold an intimate study with them. But it is their responsibility to encourage and inspire them to do so with the sermon scriptures that are being used from the pulpit. 

If the readers are offended by what I have shared thus far, then you may not want to continue with what comes next. 

If you are reading this news article and you are older than three months into your toddler years of being reborn in CHRIST JESUS, you should have been introduced to some soft cereal by now. And if you are one year and older you should be chewing on solid food. What am I trying to get you to understand here? Simply this,  move on to grown-up teaching, do not remain in the beginning lessons that you heard that caused you to believe in CHRIST JESUS, do not become stagnant due to the repetitiveness of hearing over and over again of your once being a sinner because this is not who you are any longer. You are now the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS. You are no longer dead in sin but rather you are now alive in JESUS The CHRIST. We are now partakers of the Living waters of JESUS which is Eternal life. And we must be partakers of the Holy Spirit as well. It was and is GOD’s remarkable compassion that has drawn us and continues to draw us to CHRIST. We have already been delivered from GOD’s judgment and given eternal life because we chose to believe in JESUS. We could have never done anything that would have given us access to the FATHER without JESUS because nothing about us was deserving of GOD’s precious gift. We lived by the law of Moses and we broke every law that has been written. We even broke all Ten Commandments/our moral compass which can only be obeyed in JESUS. And it breaks my heart to hear and see my family in JESUS still trying to perform according to the law of Moses. Legalism will never allow us to rest because legalism shows us our faults and legalism leads us to exhaustion and death. But JESUS gives to us HIS grace and rest.

Also, the Holy Ghost did not come inside of us because we were trying to obey ministry doctrines due to whatever religious beliefs, trying to obey and live by the law of Moses,  and memberships of denominations.  No, the Holy Spirit comes inside and makes His home within us because we heard and listened to the Truth regarding the message of salvation and being baptized in the Holy Ghost and by our faith. The FATHER is a promise keeper and through JESUS and the power of HIS Holy Spirit, the working of signs and wonders/miracles are performed through us. None of this has anything to do with the law of Moses which is self-effort minus the reliance and power of the Holy Spirit. 

The heavenly angels gave Moses the message which was the authentic law that carries punishment to everyone who disobeys and violates its commands. So, the penalty of ignoring the great salvation which is the Gospel of JESUS The CHRIST/The New Covenant/Testament is inescapable as well. Our LORD and Savior spoke these wonderful things first and then each listener confirmed and proved what was spoken to be true. If this is not proof enough then maybe this will be of greater help to those who unbelieve. The FATHER provides evidence with testimonies, confirming the message of HIS salvation through signs and wonders/miracles through JESUS, the apostles, and then to every believer in CHRIST JESUS with the gifts of the Holy Spirit according to HIS very own will.

I believe that people stop attending ministry service for these reasons: (1) people have hurt them through actions and words (words especially), (2)  they love GOD and have tasted for themselves the goodness of JESUS and received power but because the congregants believe that they will never measure up due to them being brought back time and again through the telling that their lives are unchanged or they need to change their lives, they are being persecuted. This gives them the mentality that they will never become worthy unless they are clergy leaders. So, not only has the clergy leader dragged them back to the cross but they make immature CHRISTians who lack the wisdom of the Holy Spirit  to participate in nailing JESUS to the cross again and placing HIM again to open shame before people. 

People keep repenting and telling others or forcing others to repent, this is what is done each time we nail JESUS to the cross and place HIM before open shame. Understand that we repented when by faith we believed in JESUS by changing our minds. So, today when we repent it has nothing to do with asking for forgiveness of what we think, what we say, or what we have done. All of that was taken care of at the cross. Repentance means to change the mind, change how we think. It may take the rest of our mortal life to change our minds about this or that because for the remainder of our life we are changing through maturity and of revelation knowledge provided through the Holy Spirit.

Okay, in this last paragraph that you will read, you will come to understand better just what is meant to be a partaker of the Holy Spirit. Everything that you have read before this was simply the laying of the foundation for this paragraph here. To be a partaker in the Holy Ghost is to take part in what He tells us, and what He instructs us to do, work with Him/follow His lead. When people see us do this they will come to recognize what we have in common with JESUS. We are participators with the Holy Spirit, not spectators. Become an accomplice/an associate of the Holy Spirit today.

AMFBeM (™)

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