What If This Was You? 4

I Believe In GOD

What is the difference between an agnostic, an atheist, and an antichrist? *The agnostic holds the view that any ultimate reality (such as GOD) is unknown and probably unknowable; one who is not committed to believing in either the existence or the nonexistence of GOD or a god. The atheist does not believe in the existence of GOD or any gods. And the antichrist is every person who denies or opposes CHRIST JESUS.

Many people will claim that they believe in GOD, but my question is that if a person believes in GOD why not honor and obey HIM? It is impossible to believe in anything or anyone that you have no personal knowledge of. Whatever people believe in that is what or who they speak of, associate themselves with, and indulge themselves in. Believe it or not sinners honor and obeys their god faithfully. Everything that sinners do is in honor and obedience to the gods that they serve but they do this unknowingly; primarily because they do not know the True and Living GOD.

The proof and truth of the matter are this, it is impossible to believe, honor, and obey GOD without believing, honoring, and obeying JESUS. When people fail to honor JESUS, they are not honoring The FATHER who sent JESUS to us. The FATHER desires that we honor JESUS just as we honor The FATHER/GOD. Disrespect towards JESUS is disrespecting The FATHER/GOD. Anyone who will listen to a true believer in CHRIST JESUS is listening to JESUS and The FATHER and anyone that rejects what we have to say or write about JESUS if we are true disciples is also rejecting JESUS as well as GOD/FATHER. Finally, as I get my point across to anyone who is a disbeliever in GOD; if anyone does not believe in, deny, or reject JESUS the same is being done regarding GOD The FATHER. This is the proof that it is impossible for anyone to believe that they believe in GOD according to their words and not believe in JESUS. They are the same.

True believers in CHRIST JESUS relish in the fact that with assurance because we choose to listen to the Word of JESUS and believe in HIM and The FATHER who sent JESUS have everlasting life. And we will not come into judgment because we have passed from death into eternal life.

Living sinners many of you will hear the voice of JESUS The SON of the Living GOD and will cross over to true living and gain eternal life with The FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Spirit. If you deny who JESUS is, you are in denial of who GOD is and your spirit is dead within your body. You are a true walking dead person with animation and the ability to move, think, and have five senses. Because of your sins, you are a trespasser which means that you willfully commit offenses against GOD. Those of us who chose to believe in CHRIST JESUS have crossed over from having a dead spirit by which our actions were sore fully evil. Spiritually dead people cannot help but do wrong it is like the human to obey the god we serve, and that god is satan. However, when we hear the voice of GOD speaking to us to walk away from death and sin, we gain a new life in CHRIST JESUS this is called being Born-Again or Saved. Our true self comes to life and that is our spirit because the spirit is the true nature of who we are, remember GOD created us in HIS image, The FATHER is invisible and so is our spirit. Our true eyes will be opened and we will see things much differently than before. Our true ears will be opened and we will need to train them to be fine-tuned to hear The FATHER speak to us sometimes in whispers in other times much as we speak to another. But in all times it will be our true nature our spirit that will hear not our natural self. Being Born-Again or Saved means that we have become true disciples through believing and having faith in JESUS. We are no longer spiritually dead, we are no longer inmates, prisoners, or slaves to the power of sin. We are made alive in CHRIST JESUS and we are forgiven of past, present, and future sins.

GOD has the power of life within HIMself, and HE has given JESUS this very power of the life of self-existence. In JESUS, in GOD is the fountain of life and HE is the giver of this eternal life. In JESUS is the power of life which is the light to humankind. To truly believe in GOD we must truly believe in JESUS. This is critical because JESUS is the Only Way to GOD The FATHER. JESUS is the Only Truth. And JESUS has the power of True Life. It is and it will be impossible to believe or come to The FATHER except through JESUS. No human has access to GOD without JESUS. So it is impossible for what you claim to be true that you believe in GOD because you do not believe in JESUS and they are the same. We take our humanity and human likeness from our father Adam we have his blood coursing through our veins, and it is because of his disobedience that we are born disobedient. However, JESUS is known in the scriptures as the Last ADAM and because we choose to believe in HIM, we receive a blood transfusion and a heart transplant because this ADAM gives us the Spirit of life.

The authority that has been given to JESUS is GOD’s approval for JESUS to execute judgment because JESUS is the Son of mankind. JESUS does not have a biological father, but JESUS did come through the body of a woman. There was not the performance of sexual intercourse that cause JESUS to be, JESUS simply had HIMself put into the womb of Mary by way of the Holy Spirit. Mary was still a virgin. So, this pregnancy and birth were a miracle performed by GOD. What will JESUS do as the JUDGE of people? HE will separate the believers in HIM from those who do not believe [reject] in HIM. I am an evangelist this calling on my life propels me to testify of JESUS not just in part but in the totality of who JESUS Is and what must be from HIM. As JUDGE, JESUS Is GOD appointed and ordained, HE is the only ONE with the authority to JUDGE both the living and the dead. It is GOD who has appointed, decided, fixed, and scheduled the day when JESUS will judge the entire planet/world. This is The FATHER’s decision to use a MAN who has a complete understanding of what humans deal with yet is sinless. JESUS is not unsympathetic HE is fully aware of all the traps laid out for us. But JESUS for three incredible years filled this world with a teaching that is still being taught among humans to this day, JESUS left us incredible examples to follow, and JESUS gave us instructions on how we are to live. We have no excuse. CHRIST JESUS in HIS ascension returned to heaven riding on clouds and was presented back to HIS FATHER.

As I conclude this chapter but not this series, I leave you with what I know in the core of my heart to be so. JESUS is coming back sooner than most of us realize this is for believers and non-believers alike. To the believers, we know that JESUS is coming back but many of us do not realize just how soon HIS return will be. And to the non-believer, you may have heard that JESUS will return but just as you believe not in GOD because you do not believe in JESUS, you may never think about the possibility that JESUS is going to return sooner rather than later. To my beloved siblings in CHRIST JESUS the sons of the Living GOD; do not be surprised [caught off guard] there is an appointed time that has been set that those who are dead believers in JESUS and non-believers in JESUS will hear HIM wake them up because they will hear HIS voice and they all will come from wherever they are buried be they cremated, buried in water, beneath the soil, or in a tomb/mausoleum. CHRIST left us HIS Word that when HE returns those of us who believe in HIM and still have oxygen within our lungs will not rise into the clouds with HIM first. It will be those that believe in the blessed hope of being resurrected in like manner as JESUS. Then after they have been resurrected together, we all will join HIM in the clouds. This miraculous event will be extremely loud and everyone all over this planet/world will see this occurrence at the same time. With a loud command from one of the archangels and the sound that will be blasted from GOD’s Shofar, the LORD JESUS will return from heaven. Those of us who have crossed over from this earthly life to the earthly death will rise and be united with JESUS. Next, those of us who have not crossed over from this earthly life to the earthly death will join JESUS as well. Together the dead in CHRIST will rise along with the living in CHRIST to meet HIM in the sky. And from that time on we will remain with GOD The FATHER, CHRIST JESUS GOD, and the Holy Spirit eternally. But those who have been resurrected from the dead and those who still have breath in their lungs yet both are non-believers in the LORD GOD CHRIST JESUS will be left behind, they will be judged and they will be cast off into hell to join satan and his demons in the lake of fire for eternity.  

Do return for another episode exciting episode.       

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