desiring-GodWe all have experienced an emotion or excitement of the mind for that which is heavy in our heart. It’s a natural desire to obtain that which is good. Desires range from the need to eat through the wanting of obtaining those things that we dream of, have goals for, and visions. We desire to see people as in 1 Thess. 2:17, the children of the Almighty GOD will develop within their hearts to see nations come to GOD as in Hag. 2:7. Some women are blessed to live in true love with their husbands as in the manner of SoS 7:10. We all must recognize that all desires are not good to ponder over because if we do we will find ourselves where we were before as in Eph. 2:3 but this time because we are GOD’s children we will not have GOD’s anger against us but we will experience guilt and come running back to HIM. This is a great reason to know if the desires of our heart are godly or fleshly. Daily we should desire to follow pure love and gifts that can only come from our heavenly FATHER as in 1 Cor. 14:1.

Desires will cause us before we step out in faith to inquire what it is that we must do or have to obtain them, what do we require within ourselves what it will take to fulfill that need or want. All good desires that are known as GOD ideas rather than good ideas come from GOD. Those GOD ideas will always come to fruition where the good ideas may come to fruition. When we have a GOD idea in our heart that causes that very strong feeling that we fill in our spirit man we must ask the FATHER to give it to us, the moment that we ask HIM we will see that HE will not withhold what HE desires for us to have. Do you know that when we have pleasure in JESUS our heart/mind is filled with unspeakable joy? Our pleasure must not come from earthly possessions but from the One who gives us everything which cannot and will not be destroyed. Know that because we are children of the most high GOD that we are HIS pleasure because we belong to HIM through CHRIST JESUS. So beloved, stop overtaxing yourself with legalistic performance and rest in JESUS knowing that HE is our delight and that we are HIS. Once we begin to delight ourselves in GOD’s desire we will see the manifestation of HIS open hand to fulfill the desires of our heart as well. It’s not difficult to fulfill the desires of our heavenly FATHER’s heart, begin with communication with HIM and not to HIM. Watch how our life develops in HIM by seeking out HIS desires first. Think on this just for a moment, do we honestly have inspired reverence for our heavenly FATHER and do we exercise obedience in HIM? Most of us will say no because we are looking at self rather than looking to JESUS. When we spend quality time in the Word of GOD and communicate with HIM we will learn those things that we should do within our lives which will become who we are rather than making them ritualistic performance. Is it important to memorize scripture and disobey HIS desire for us or is it more important to live out HIS Word in our lives through obedience? The desire of our heart is not fulfilled by the FATHER through conditions as it was in the Old Testament when we had to perform a task that pleased the FATHER before we received our desires. Today in the New Testament we have already been given our desires it’s just that some have not come to fruition and this require that we ask the FATHER in JESUS name to provide those things to us. We must make our request known to the FATHER so that our desire will be given to us in a manner that no one and nothing can possibly take it away. We need to petition by pressing in being serious with our request to the FATHER and not wishy-washy or scared to speak to the FATHER about our desires. Remember, HE already knows what we have need of or want so when we seriously communicate with HIM believe that we already have them. Speak about them as if you can already see and touch the answer to the request. I don’t recommend that we share our desire with others if they do not share in your level of faith. And know by reading the Word looking for the answer to the request in the Bible whether or not the desire of the heart is a good idea which may come to fruition or a GOD idea which will come to fruition.

Psalm 21:2, 37:4, 145:19


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