The Grace Of Our Salvation

James 1:5-13

To my dear siblings in CHRIST JESUS. Praise be to our Living GOD who has given to us a living hope through HIS SON, JESUS The CHRIST who through HIS abundant mercy has caused us to be born-again a new creation through the resurrection of JESUS The CHRIST from the dead. We are looking forward to possessing every rich blessing that the power of GOD is keeping for HIS nation of peculiar people. They are being kept in heaven with HIM where there is no chance of them ever becoming corruptible and decaying away. They belong to us because of our faith and they will be revealed at the end of time. Though we suffer for a short while in trials and tribulations we continue to have a reason to rejoice. When we rejoice during those difficult moments in our lives we prove to the onlookers that our faith in CHRIST JESUS is genuine and not wishy-washy as those who have based their salvation on religiosity or second-hand knowledge. Unlike earthen gold which is tried in the fire and yet still will eventually be destroyed. When we are tried in the fire the process that we must all go through to remove our impure self from ourselves is so that we will endure all things. Having the ability to endure proves that we are genuine in our belief in the Word of GOD who is CHRIST JESUS our Savior and LORD. That we are authentic! After all that we must endure, when JESUS returns for HIS bride we will receive glory, honor, and praise. It is wonderful to love JESUS though we have never laid our natural eyes on HIM, we do not need to rely on our five senses to believe in HIM, this is the purpose of walking by faith and not by sight. So, continue to rejoice my dear siblings in CHRIST JESUS continue to live in this great and glorious joy that we have through HIM and in HIM for our joy that cannot be express with words of understanding to those who do not have their own personal relationship with JESUS will never understand. We are daily receiving salvation for our souls and this is the purpose of our faith in HIM. The salvation that we are living in is the salvation which the prophets were consistently asking and searching carefully about from those who prophesied of the grace that would come to us. They wanted to understand when in the frame of time would the Spirit of CHRIST which resided within them was indicating when He testified before regarding the suffering that JESUS The CHRIST would endure and the glories that would follow. This was never revealed to them yet, they believed and this was unto them for righteousness’ sake. However, this has been revealed to us. What they were ministering about now has been reported to us through those who have preached and testified the gospel of CHRIST JESUS by the will of the Holy Spirit who has been sent from heaven. Even the angels desire to look at this marvelous wonder. My request to every reader is that you become sober-minded and rest your hope not in yourselves or in things that must be taken or done again to feel pseudo-good but rest your hope fully on the grace that is to be brought to us at the revelation of JESUS The CHRIST.

Savior = Properly applied only to JESUS CHRIST, The Redeemer, who has opened the way to everlasting salvation by HIS obedience and death, and who is therefore called the Savior by way of distinction, the Savior of men, the Savior of the world.

Salvation = This is the great salvation: The redemption of man from the bondage of sin and liability to eternal death and conferring on him everlasting happiness. Preservation from destruction, danger, or great calamity.



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