1 Thessalonians 5:15-18

If you are a serious thinker much like me; you may take life much too serious. Well, though I’m still a serious thinker; I know longer take life much too serious. I now see the humor in life. So it gives me reason to rejoice. Always and I do mean always look for the humor in life. If you would view life as if it were a TV program, play or movie; you may not find it so offensive. After all 90% of programming is a lifestyle; a culture that does exist. You tune in or pay your money to view what you see on the daily. Think about the goodness of GOD; think about what HE has done for you; what HE has promised to do for you and what HE will do for you. This in and of itself is gold star rejoicing. Pray always; prayer is conversation between you and GOD; it builds an intimate relationship between you and GOD. Prayer is not always give me, I want or I need. Prayer is not legalistic; there is no formal way to pray. After all you talk to your car or to any other thing. When was the first or last time anything inanimate responded to you? I’m sure you can speak with GOD. Who by the way does think, see, smell, taste, hear, and feel. Thank GOD for all that you have and for who HE is. Be appreciative.

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