When the word despised is used in our vocabulary are we truthfully acknowledging that we have a disdain or the lowest opinion of another to the point of abhorring a person or people. Well, if you think, say or do anything that is hateful it comes from the heart. No human has the right to be mean and despicable towards another. We are all created in the image of GOD so when we scorn another human we are actually being scornful to GOD and HIS creation. Some humans by confession have said that they love animals and prefer to be with animals more than being with another human. As humans, we should never scorn one another because of the way they look and when the behavior of another human is disagreeable with ours we should pray for them because it’s done in ignorance. Humans most often don’t realize that by neglecting to have a relationship with JESUS that we are going against HIS Good News for themselves and for others. No human is unworthy to be regarded without love. Any human that is actively rejecting JESUS has a disdain for HIM without realizing it. JESUS had a contemn for something earthly, but how many of us exercise the disdain for what HE despised?

We the children of GOD have the same enemy JESUS has. And though JESUS death on the cross defeated every enemy we are still waiting for the final enemy to subjugate itself to JESUS. And just as JESUS is doing we should rest as HE is. JESUS is not wondering when or why HIS enemy is not bowing down to HIM because HE already knows that HE has overcome sin and in like manner we should follow HIS example. GOD said that HE wanted JESUS to sit at HIS right hand until HE made HIS enemies HIS footstool. Picture this, picture satan and death bowed down with our feet resting on them. When we can see this as a reality maybe we will have a disdain for what is proper to hate and what is not. We are not alone in our testimonies about CHRIST JESUS we are in such good company. Did you know that though Adam sinned and has caused each and every one of his descendants to be born in sin even that cute and cuddly little baby that has been born in your family or by your friends? That he and Eve are among the witnesses along with each and every believer before the birth of JESUS in Bethlehem and with each and every believer during and after the human life of JESUS and HIS death on the cross. We all are by faith have testified to the truth of GOD’s absolute faithfulness. We have tunnel vision meaning that we are keeping our eyes on CHRIST JESUS who alone is the Author and Perfector of our faith. CHRIST JESUS is the first incentive for our belief and the One who brings our faith to maturity. JESUS through all that HE had to go through still had joy because HE knew that HE was about to see HIS goal accomplished. During the time of being kissed on the cheek by Judas Iscariot, being questioned during an illegal trial that lasted through the night, being beaten to the point that his bones were all that could be seen because HE no longer had flesh on HIS back. Being ridiculed, spat on and stripped of HIS clothes to walk through the crowds totally naked. HIS joy was full and HE laid HIMself down on the cross willingly and the soldiers banged those nails into his hands and feet oh, I nearly forgot JESUS endured a plated crown of thorns to be pushed down upon HIS head as the blood streamed down HIS precious face. And when they erected JESUS up HE was continually ridiculed but HE still forgave as HE was put to shame. The shame that HE had to go through for each and every human. We should be able to relate to shame, none of us like to be put to shame, yet, we never reveal the disdain that we have for shame or anything negative. We are not quick to be loving and forgiving providing mercy to others but we desire that others be loving, forgiving and merciful to us. I listened today at how an Olympic trainer who abused Olympic hopefuls wrote the judge because he could no longer endure the family and friends to come forward and share what he had done to their loved ones as he also ridiculed the judge before being sentenced for his crimes. The judge informed him that he would sit and listen because he did not consider the emotional destruction that he had placed on each of his victims and their family members. This is somewhat how we are, we want justification but we are slow to provide the justice that we want for ourselves to others. I don’t like it when I hear others say “everyone says or everyone does” I often ask who is everyone because I don’t say certain things and I don’t do certain things. The look of surprise that I get because not only am I catching the person who is saying this off guard but I also ask that he/she introduce me to this everyone because this everyone person is a doozy. Beloved we must allow CHRIST JESUS to live through us so that we can be like HIM. Be humble as JESUS CHRIST was humble. Be obedient to the FATHER as JESUS CHRIST was. And every day we must die to self as JESUS CHRIST did on that cross for us. So, my beloved if we are going to have disdain for any reason let it be for sin and all that sin stands for.

Ps. 110:1, Hebrews 12:2, Phil. 2:8


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