LORD 1 of 2


Before we begin on today’s blog I need you to know that this is the beginning of two parts.  And that there is a difference when we read in the bible LORD and Lord. Please allow me to clarify.

LORD – Elohim Gen. 1:1; 1 John 5:20 Creator; Elyon Gen. 14:18-20 The Most High GOD.

Lord/ Adonai – [JESUS] 1 Kings 2:26 (did you notice that HE is GOD)?

There is only one GOD known by many names that are written in the bible that denotes HIS character, integrity, and what HE has done. We will not find many of HIS names spelled out for us in the English bible, however, if we read the Complete Jewish or Orthodox (Hebrew) bible we will find many of HIS names. Or we can learn many of HIS wonderful names as I did in my learning of HIM from purchasing a book and studying the many names of GOD. Be sure that if you take the latter route as I did in the beginning of my early learning that the book will direct you to scripture/s. Mankind has many gods which are idols they are nothing and there are many scriptures that have proved too many that worshipping those dead false gods will bring mankind down to destruction. There is also scripture that showed us how GOD proved to us that HE is the true GOD by embarrassing the worshippers as well as their false god by slamming him down to prostrate to HIM. Then beheading him. All things for us are found in the One and True GOD alone. And we should be found in HIM also. JESUS CHRIST is our Lord and HE is the one who made everything.

So many people believe GOD to be so very distant from them when in actuality HE is nearer to us than we think. To the sinner, the unrepentant HE is waiting for them to come to HIM realizing that they are in desperate need of HIM. And to the children the constant call for their DADDY from their spirit. Just think of it, America my natural homeland is great but it can only become greater if every single American realizes GOD is so very near. To be able to truly know that the LORD is our GOD and that we can call on HIM for whatever need we have of HIM according to HIS perfect will for us. Those of us who truly belong to the LORD GOD belong to HIM not in mind, through the knowledge of others or through religion. No, we belong to HIM personally through our connection of spirit because GOD is a Spirit and we worship HIM by the spirit, not the flesh for out of the spirit is truth.

The LORD GOD is so very patient towards mankind but we are not that way towards one another. Take a thought at how we think, speak, feel and act towards one another. And yet, HE thinks favorably towards us, HE is kind and friendly. If HE was not most of us would be dead where we stand just for blaspheming HIS name through profanity, swearing or un-kept promises through the use of HIS name. The LORD GOD is to be exalted and we are blessed when we wait on HIM.

What is your name? How do people recognize you? We are to be known as righteous, this is the name we are to be known by. Those who are in CHRIST JESUS and CHRIST JESUS in you just as JESUS would often say I am in the FATHER and the FATHER is in ME. We have dwelling on the inside of us redemption, righteousness, sanctification and wisdom, so why do we not live this way? It’s because as Mufasa from the Lion King told Simba “you don’t know who you are”.

We keep trying to do everything in our own strength when our FATHER our LORD is our strength. HE does not need our help. HE is Creator, HE created everything, where were you in the equation of HIS creation ideas? Maybe you need to read those same questions HE asked Job.

Look at the deer, they are beautiful creatures with skinny legs and strange and small feet. But we misunderstand what these deer can do with these feet.  It absorbs the shock of every stride and provides traction on soft and wet surfaces. It’s also a formidable weapon. The inner portion of the hoof is softer, but still quite tough. It provides a cushion and traction on harder surfaces. On a worn trail, the sharp outer hooves dig into the bare soil on the trail for traction. When the hooves land on the roadway, the tough inner part cushions the landing. In deep mud or snow, dew claws broaden the foot’s platform and show up in a deer track.

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