Die / Died


Deprived of respiration and the circulation of blood, along with other bodily functions. For some people, they are rendered incapable of resuscitation. Death comes from the natural decay of the organs to function in the manner in which they were meant, by disease, or by violence. People are also known to cease to live by sheer will. Death is referred to as expire; decease; perish, and with respect to man to depart from this world. Most of us do not have the desire to die, however, it is appointed that we all will and hopefully we will die only the once.

The Good News is that JESUS died for the ungodly HE died for our sins, this was done for each and every single human on planet earth. I’m getting ahead of myself, let us take a look at how believers who trust in JESUS view death.

Unfortunately, the CHRISTians flesh are prone to suffer from diseases and in some cases they die from those things. I know countless brothers and sisters in the body of CHRIST who suffered from cancer, Lou Gehrig disease, MS, and such. Through the suffering of the body those that I was able to be with during those tough times never lost sight of the fact that though their bodies have failed them and that they had looked death straight in the eye and said okay, this is the way I will depart this life. None of them ever lost their faith and I often heard them say that they will not die and how they witnessed to anyone that they were aware of not being possessed by CHRIST JESUS. And for those that did know that they were in the body of CHRIST, they recounted HIS goodness. GOD is the beginning and GOD is the end. HE is a promise keeper and because it has been made clear to the Prophets that being in JESUS keeps us alive and from dying we need to make it clear that sin-cursed mankind to die an earthly death. But JESUS keeps us alive when we have faith and trust in HIM through the washing in HIS blood inwardly to eradicate sin from our nature. In this also we escape the judgment before going to the lake of fire in hell. So believers in CHRIST JESUS do not die twice but the possibility of only dying the once. I write possibility of dying once only because there will be some believers who will not see an earthly death but will be taken up in the air when CHRIST JESUS return as promised.

So how is it that we must die? Adam the father of us all gave away his dominion which is his life and the ability to control everything here on the earth to satan through the disobedience of GOD’s command. So when GOD said that man will die and Adam did not die for centuries later in his flesh. Adam’s spirit died immediately and so is it with every human that has breath in their mortal body. We are all born into sin and our spirit is dead, the connection to the FATHER is gone and JESUS returned us to the FATHER by dying in our place and forgiving us for treason. One man brought death to the human race while another Man brought life through HIS death.

I praise my GOD for HIS SON JESUS because HE established an order that we all must adhere to. JESUS died in our place and was raised again to life. Those of us who will die the earthly death who in actuality are asleep will be resurrected with incorruptible and immortal bodies no matter what was done with the remains. We can be buried or cremated in CHRIST JESUS we will return with new bodies.

How thankful I am to live in CHRIST JESUS, HE has given to me, my brothers and my sisters of the faith our source of joy and the reason to live. Our death to sin has been a gain because our faith in JESUS has ushered us into eternity with HIM and the FATHER.

Beloved if you are my siblings through CHRIST JESUS please do not be afraid of the earthly death. Because as written before it is appointed that we take that journey to die. But know that we have escaped the judgment but those who have not received JESUS through faith and the will to trust in HIM. You have a right to fear death because if you die without JESUS in your life and your life in JESUS you will be judged.

Without JESUS in our life, we are an offense to the FATHER. The death of JESUS is not a fable, fairy-tale or a lie. And HIS resurrection is the proof we need to know that we have been justified through HIM. Our life in sin is no longer on our record as being a criminal. The FATHER and CHRIST JESUS no longer see the sin that was once in our life. Our present life in HIM will not allow us to practice sin because of our new nature in HIM. Is it possible to commit sin and still be in the body of CHRIST? Sure it is but the more we read our Word and communicate with HIM drawing nearer to HIM we will not desire to play with dead things any longer. We will no longer find the cemetery of the life we once had to be an attractive place to be in. The sin that the blood of JESUS washed us in has acquitted and absolved us from past, present and future sins. We are righteous in JESUS alone. We are justified in CHRIST JESUS because JESUS died in our place HE was our substitute no human can become clean from the indwelling of sin. Those that know they need JESUS but don’t know why will always say that they need to stop doing this or that before coming. JESUS wants us just as we are rolling around in the muck and mire just plain dirty and funky. Because HE is the only way we will get clean, deodorized and disinfected. This is how the FATHER demonstrated HIS love for us, HE gave HIS only begotten SON to die in our place while we were and are guilty of being sinners. And finally beloved, the FATHER did not give up HIS son to die just so we would have a great Bible read or story to tell. No, the FATHER did not spare HIS beloved SON from death and because of that, we through CHRIST JESUS will receive everything promised to us. All we need do is believe, ask, reach up and pull it down. I hope that when reading about death in the Bible from JESUS standpoint and how HIS death benefited us we will become thankful that we will not be judged to die twice.

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