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Exodus 15:2, 21

This just may become the beginning of a series regarding our topic. In the King James Version of the Bible, the word exalt is recorded one hundred twelve times and more or less in other translations. I used the reference of the KJV because the majority of people prefer it to other translations. However, as I share with you, I will use various translations because during my study time with JESUS I have always used various translations to obtain clarity in GOD’s Word along with gaining revelation knowledge directly from the Holy Spirit. Let us begin with the definition so that we can be on one accord.

Exalt: to raise high, to elevate in the estimation of praise, to extol.

  1. The LORD is our Strength [power, support, refuge, soundness, light, and fortress, The LORD binds, units, and secures,]
  2. The LORD is our Strong Defender [advocate, assertor, vindicator, and protector]
  3. The LORD is our Song [causes us to sing praises to HIM from the heart and spirit]
  4. The LORD is our Salvation [HE saves, HE saves us from calamity, and danger and HE is our preservation from destruction,]
  5. The LORD is our GOD [The True and Living GOD and there is no other but HIM]

We are to exalt GOD in praise. In this verse of scripture, the title LORD is written, Lord. What is the difference between how we will find the titles written throughout the scriptures? LORD denotes the Creator GOD, The Almighty, The Most-High GOD and Lord denotes JESUS The MESSIAH. But I have learned in my growing that JESUS The MESSIAH is GOD, HE is the Creator, all Authority has been given to HIM and because of this I just cannot lower-case any part of HIS deity. JESUS did not show up in Bethlehem after being born to Mary, JESUS can be seen from Genesis 1:1 through Revelation twenty-two and verse twenty-one. HE is much too Holy for me to do that.

Sing to JESUS for HE is triumphantly glorious and highly exalted; worthy of great honor; undefeated with glorious victory in every battle.

As in many serials that have been written in previous times, we are going to take our time and write just enough for every reader to search and study the topic scripture for themselves. We do not want to overwhelm and we want you to speak about this with others, share all articles/blogs with others and communicate back to AMFBeM with all your concerns and questions. We will also be happy to mutually communicate with you via social media (Zoom, Google Meeting, or any other social device where group meetings can be done).

We hope that everyone will enjoy this experience.



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