AMFBeM Newsletter

July 16, 2020


JESUS baptizes us in the Holy Spirit

The FATHER sent John the cousin of JESUS to baptize with water. But the FATHER sent JESUS to baptize with the Holy Spirit. Everything John did, he was sent to do from the FATHER to make way for the human arrival of GOD in the form of man and that Man, GOD in humanity is JESUS.

Water baptism should be done after the following has been done.


  • We have a repentant heart.
  •  Regret the sin of not believing in JESUS.
  •  Willing to allow JESUS to change us from the inside, out.
  •  Willing to have our mind renewed.
  •  Enjoy our changed life.


JESUS cannot be fooled and HE will only baptize those in HIS Holy Spirit who are truly repentant. Only those souls which remain unrepentant will continue to be judged and then face the final judgment with fire.

The FATHER promised that those who are truly repentant will be baptized, empowered, and united with the Holy Spirit when asking HIM for HIS Holy Spirit in the name of JESUS then JESUS will baptize the truly repentant.


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