To see and understand the difference; to make a distinction; as, to discern between good and evil, truth and falsehood. Prov. 1:2, 2:11, 1 Ki. 3:9, Ecc. 1:17.

Ever wonder why when the Bible is read by non-believers the comprehension of understanding is void? It’s because they are void of the Spirit of GOD. Those that find the Bible difficult to read and follow will always claim that the Bible is difficult to read. This is only true for those who have not the Holy Spirit to teach them and to guide them into all truth with discernment. Those that are baptized into the Holy Spirit possess the ability to discern between good and evil as well as to see and hear what is not like GOD. We have the ability to know when a desire that we may have is truly not the project that we are to take on. We have the ability to speak wisely in difficult matters. And the list can go on. Non-believers do not have the ability to understand the grace of GOD and this is why it seems foolish to them. The age old question is still being asked by non-believers to this day, “Why does an all-knowing and loving GOD allow bad things to happen?” And because they are void of the answer when asking believers in CHRIST JESUS, they either do not like the answer or the one who professes to be a believer and actually is not a possessor of CHRIS JESUS is incapable of providing the correct answer through discernment. This is only one reason why the world will shy away from religious folk because religious folk is not in a relationship with the FATHER, SON, and Holy Ghost. And when speaking to those in the world who are looking for answers, the answers given are most likely absurd and illogical. Those who are in a relationship have the ability to share through discernment given by the Holy Spirit because of our spiritual connection. We solely rely on the Holy Spirit because He teaches and reveals all hidden things that we need to know. Religious people and non-believers have this in common, they set their minds on the things of men rather than the things of GOD. Because of this, many are a stumbling block meaning they keep those who are hungry for answers at bay or because they are free to live a certain way but another does not comprehend their freedom in CHRIST JESUS fully, what they witness by those can cause them to fall away for a brief time. Also, those that bruise a spiritual sibling will turn away all because of what was said and it was offensive. One of the main determinations that we must have is to not allow what we see or hear bother us to the point that they cause us to fall and lay there or turn and walk away from the faith. We must realize that everything negative and opposite of the Word of GOD comes from satan. What he either orchestrate people to do or say or he speaks to us directly, we must know what the full truth is from GOD. We must be able to discern which spirit is motivating an action or conversation from others. Stay in the worship of the LORD GOD so that we will serve HIM only. When JESUS died on the cross, HE provided deliverance from the bondage of sin and the enemy. Our ancestors that delivered and witnessed JESUS crucifixion said it plainly, “HIS blood be on us and our children.” We are all guilty of not believing in JESUS and we are all guilty of HIS death because of the sin of not believing. Yet, JESUS forgave the world and all we need do is receive HIS free gift of salvation so that we will be delivered from guilt. Our flesh and mind have sinful pursuits we call right wrong and wrong right. We love the darkness and secrets that is until we are washed clean in the blood of CHRIST then we love the light and as we grow we become more transparent. The sinful mind/heart has active hostility towards JESUS and the sinner will not submit to the guidelines of the Word. The righteous mind/heart has active love towards CHRIST JESUS and we will submit to the guidelines of the Word as we learn and grow from revelation knowledge through the discernment of the Holy Spirit.

1 Corinthians 2:14, Matt. 16:23, 4:10, Rom. 8:7


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