We all have pleasures in life, so much so they are too vast to compile them here in this blog. And there is nothing wrong with having pleasures, as a matter of fact, our FATHER desires that we have them. But the operative word is that we have them and that pleasures do not have us. As a matter of fact some people know that they are in need of the Savior but will not answer HIS call for fear that they will have to stop having pleasures in life. Their thought is to have all the pleasure life has to offer now while they are young and agile then when they become old and feeble then they will look for the Savior. The thing is this, first, the Savior has never been nor will HE ever be lost that we will need to look for HIM. Second, who promised us that tomorrow was promised to us? There are more young people dying daily than older mature in age people because of their pleasures. Again, please understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having pleasures in this lifetime, just don’t allow the pleasures of this lifetime to have you.

Only because JESUS found me when I was seventeen am I able to share from my point of view that being saved while still extremely young is awesome. And my plus to me is that I was unchurched / un-doctrined with religion. So when I reached age eight-teen and began working full time and experiencing life as an adult my salvation in JESUS caused me to never cross the line, bumped it a many of times but never crossed it. I had much fun for me. Later, when I became a wife and mother, I found that leaning on JESUS gave me pleasure. I raised my children in a Word atmosphere, it was encouraged that they be inquisitive about what they heard and saw when we watched Christian movies. So much so that when my children would ask me questions I would have them to read the topic regarding the movie for themselves then discuss with me what was true or dramatization. Movies like Ten Commandments starring Charleston Heston and Victor Mature as Samson in Samson and Delilah and such. To me this was pleasurable and they got to be entertained with good movie viewing and learning about truth versus dramatization of a movie.

We are people, not drones and there are many things in this life that we can do that will bring us pleasures. In the winter some of us like to ski or participate in other winter activities. In the spring some of us like to garden or whatever brings us to life during this season. In the summer some of us look forward to going on vacations, playing outdoor sports and eating outdoors. And in the fall some of us enjoy watching the vibrant colors of the leaves, dressing in-between summer and winter, and watching football. There are just too many things to name that we all participate in from season to season that cause us to be in pleasure.

But most of all the most earthly pleasurable moments are when we are with family and friends. And I’m certain that this is just how the FATHER is with us, HE wants to chill out with us and we should want to do the very same with HIM. JESUS should be included in everything that we do, why? Because JESUS is showing us how to enjoy life. When we are in HIS presence we are in the presence of full joy and in HIS opened right hand is our pleasures which belong to us forever.

Now, if our pleasures have us, meaning that we are actually worshipping our pleasures, we serve our pleasures and JESUS is not a priority over our pleasures. Then we are in a crisis, we may need to go to the emergency room before it’s too late and we are in a code blue situation. We all have a choice as to what door / gate to enter into, one leads us to a life a hardship and the other leads us into a life of Life. Many times these doors / gates look the same outwardly, they look harmless and many times we enter into the wrong door / gate. Now, for some of us we can find our way out of the life of hardship pretty quickly but who of us really want to choose hardship as a way of life at all? And then there are some who remain lost in the life of hardship for years or will die in hardship. Then there are only a few (very limited) people who actually enter the correct door the first time. And lastly, we have those that finally choose the correct door /gate and enter in after many years of wondering around in what they thought was a true pleasure for their life.

Again, I just don’t believe I can stress this enough. The FATHER has no problem with pleasures or if we indulge ourselves in them. The problem is what type of pleasures are they, meaning are they pleasures that are harmful in any way for you emotionally, mentally, physically, and or spiritually and are they taking priority over JESUS?   

Psalms 16:11; Matt. 7:14


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