This word is described in the bible as the abyss; hades and the place of perdition; the pit and sheol/hell. This is the place where all non-believing lost souls go after the first death. It’s immeasurable and the throne of darkness. The place of the underworld inhabited by lost souls. Where for eternity the soul is entirely lost; ruined; utterly destructed; yet will experience eternally misery and death; the place of the dead for departed lost souls. And, yet, this is not the end because after the judgment lost souls will eternally be thrown into the lake of fire to serve their king.

Lucifer has been thrown out of heaven, he once was the light-bringer, the daystar, the son of the morning. Now, he has been cut down to the ground, he is blasphemous, he is satan and in him is the DNA of the satanic nature.

JESUS, HIMself saw with HIS own eyes satan fall from heaven with the intensity of lightning.

Angelic beings are huge so when Lucifer/satan fell out of heaven, how he looked never changed. Remember he was a light-bringer, a daystar, son of the morning and when he fell he was a combustible substance. This is also a great depiction of lightning, stars or a torch, satan was on fire and burning, yet, not consumed. When what looked like a star fell to earth he was given the keys which led to the bottomless pit. The word keys are important and you may want to take a look at the subject of keys and JESUS. Those keys belonged to satan where he dwells, he unlocked the bottomless pit and the smoke which is much like the smoke from a furnace wafted towards the sky and darkened the sun and the earth has become dark. I’m certain many of you have heard or say yourselves that the world is a dark place. Now, you know why. Those who do not believe as yet or who die the earthly death still not believing in JESUS will serve their king, the angel of the bottomless pit forever. Unfortunately for them because they did not learn that he is true to his name which is destruction and destroyer these lost souls will experience up close and personal who he is. This beast that all lost souls knowingly or unknowingly has risen up out of the bottomless to wage war, conquer and kill. This beast who comes up out of the deep has ten heads and seven horns upon them and on his horns are seven crowns and engraved upon his head are blasphemous names. Everyone who has not had their name recorded in the Book of Life of the sacrificial Lamb will fall down and pay homage to this beast because they adore him who comes up from the bottomless pit. The beast from the bottomless pit will try to represent himself to be a lamb by the recognition of his two horns but he will speak like the dragon of old, that old cunning serpent. Oh, but what joy for the children of the Living GOD who know that the beast has no authority or power over them any longer. We have been redeemed. The beast and his followers will all be destroyed. 


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