We can’t pick and choose who to pray for

1 Timothy 2

Apostle Timothy who was an evangelist preached some things in this chapter which are timely and controversial today. I’ve decided not to write about certain things that Timothy said because it will bring about a debate and it’s not important. What’s important is for each and everyone of us to do just what the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS tells us to do and not consider what anyone has to say about it. Timothy encourages us in the body of CHRIST to humbly pray, intercede and give thanks for all mankind. America does not have a King or Queen; however, the parallel version to that is President and First Lady. Countries which are ruled by a King or Queen will say “GOD save our King or GOD save our Queen.” This is a form of prayer. It does not have anything to do with liking or loving them. We too should say “LORD GOD save our President in JESUS name.” Anyone in ruler ship should be and must be saved, washed clean from sin in the blood of JESUS. None of us have any idea what the stressors are that one in ruler ship must endure. With their salvation they can ask their heavenly FATHER for the Spirit of Wisdom which belongs to the LORD GOD alone and who will supply liberally upon request. We should be praying for all who are in a prominent place of authority; from the governmental officials to our parents be they 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation. In doing this we will accomplish a blessing which will be two fold; one to cover those in prayer and two to live a quiet and peaceable life in godliness and reverence. We are not doing this to make ourselves feel good or to score points in heaven we are doing this because we know that what we are doing is good and acceptable in the sight of our LORD GOD who is our Savior. Salvation does not begin and salvation does not end with us. However, this is the way some of us think after the fiery zeal has up and left us; we don’t think about the lost souls of others. The LORD GOD our Savior desires all of mankind to come to the full knowledge of the full truth. This can only be done by us telling others; inviting others to church with us; passing out gospel tracts; inviting others to our weekly bible study or just reading a few scriptures to another person and praying with them. I don’t give a flying fig how many gods mankind may worship because I know that there is only One True and Living GOD and One Mediator (one who reconciles; bring about an agreement between parties) between the LORD GOD and mankind and HIS name is JESUS, the CHRIST; the Anointed One and HIS Anointing. JESUS gave HIMSELF; HE is our ransom and HE was tested and found true in the proper time set by The FATHER. We can pray at anytime and in any place; no one has to know that we are praying. Students can still pray in school; the LORD GOD will hear each and every prayer. Our hands must at all times be holy when we lift them up. What makes for lifting up unholy hands? Who are you upset with? Who have you had an evil thought about? What have you done that is not pleasing to the LORD GOD? And so forth and so on; we have to get things right with others before we can lift up holy hands. I remember a time when there was someone I thought I did not like; what it was is that I did not understand her. Unbeknownst to me and being obedient to the Holy Spirit; I purchased a card and wrote a small note explaining that I was wrong and asking for forgiveness. She said she was unaware that I felt that way and that the card and note was very special because she was celebrating her birth date that day. I jumped up and hugged her and told her that I really do love her. That was almost twenty years ago and I still love her to this day and think of her often. As a matter of fact she may remember that event if and when she has the time to read this. Timothy said something also here that I too am in compliance with; women be you young, middle aged or well seasoned in years adorn yourselves appropriately. You don’t have to be unstylish to look fabulous. All women if you shake when you walk; wear a girdle. Beneath your dress and skirt; wear a slip. Do not expose your bosom and wear your clothes at least one size larger so they would not fit so tightly on you. Our dresses and skirts should not be so short that we are pulling it down with each step or when we sit our undergarments are exposed. We can still be fashionable and covered up; besides what type of attention are you willing to have drawn to you? Godly women should always be example setters and not followers. The last thing I have to say about fashion; women who are junior senior citizens or full senior citizens don’t expect a young lady or woman to dress like you and don’t try to dress like them. Were fashions that are age appropriate; stylish and moderate/discrete in apparel. http://about.me/amfbministry

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