Though we may not use the word draw as often as it was once was used which pertained to our bodies being moved such as advance in motion. It’s a good word to use when it applies to our coming daily to GOD. Christians and non-Christians alike have moments of feeling down emotionally. Christians stay stuck in a blue funk only because most don’t recall that they should come to the LORD in order to be raised up from the depth of negativity in which they are in. JESUS did not save us so that we are still battling emotional issues. We are to move closer to GOD and be attentive to the direction in which we are going which is up. We are to aim at all things from GOD and expect to receive with patience as we wait for HIS glorious outcome. JESUS is a promise keeper and HE answers every prayer. Remember when we hurt JESUS hurts. For non-Christians there is a lot of doubt about you moving gradually to CHRIST but none the less move toward HIM, HE hears our conversation toward HIM and HE is responding. Linger in conversation and wait to hear HIM speak back to you in your spirit. The Holy Spirit entices and leads us by persuasion to CHRIST JESUS. When we are washed clean from sin our moral influence will also change.

Don’t be afraid of our Creator GOD because HE loves HIS creation mankind dearly. We all need to draw closer to HIM daily. Being saved does not mean that we continue as we once did. However, when we don’t draw near to GOD we will find ourselves still in the muck and mire as pigs in their pins. We can’t in and of ourselves cleanse ourselves from sin but CHRIST JESUS can and HE did on the cross. It is our responsibility to believe in HIM. Our hearts are unfaithful don’t believe me. Have you lied, stolen (cheated), speak negatively about anything including yourself, use profanity, enjoy course activities such as dirty jokes or pornographic information, done anything for yourself that you thought was a good idea only to find out that something negative resulted in your decision which was actually a bad idea? This is proof that our heats are unfaithful without JESUS residing in there. This is why it is so vitally important that we draw ourselves toward GOD who is faithful, just, loving, forgiving, grace, mercy, truth, promise keeper and so much more that we are in need of often from HIM. At one time we were expected to do everything ourselves with the condition that GOD will draw near to us. We had to adhere to every commandment and laws written by Moses and we failed because it is impossible to live according to that which is written to expose our sins and is meant to kill us. GOD did not have Moses to give us the Ten Commandments and those laws and rituals to kill us, they were to show us that we could not keep them ourselves. But we can keep them when we have drawn ourselves to the living GOD and totally rely on HIM and not ourselves. Wash yourselves, make yourselves, get your evil deeds out and stop doing evil is impossible for mankind to do but is not impossible for JESUS to do with us. Being clean does not happen from the outside in but from the inside out. We cannot be saved by washing ourselves because sin is lodged within our hearts. Without CHRIST JESUS in our hearts, we are immoral and wicked and we need JESUS to wash us clean. Once JESUS wash us in HIS Word and love which is filled with grace, mercy, and truth we will find ourselves being more loving. Not from an outward show which often times is filled with hate and hypocrisy. The love that JESUS is sharing with us we, in turn, will begin to share with others insincerity which is actively the real thing. As we mature in CHRIST JESUS we will find that those things which are wicked that we either loved, craved or participated in we now hate. Even if we did not participate in certain wickedness we tolerated them, shrugged them off as a let live type of testimony. As we draw closer to GOD in studying HIS Word which strengthens us, speaking to GOD and listening for HIS voice and most importantly believing and trusting in the Word as we speak and live them out in our lives. We will find that our faith in GOD becomes richer in our lives.   

 James 4:8, Is. 1:16, Jer. 4:14, Rom. 12:9


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