If you are followers of these ministry blogs then you may recall the blog Goodness when I wrote about GOD’s goodness based on Psalms 23. What I will like to cover for a brief moment is the action of being good. Recall to your remembrance how when GOD created everything and said: “It is good.” Do you realize that when GOD said that HIS creation is, not was but is good HE placed HIS stamp or seal of approval on them? It’s no different than when manufacturers or the food industry place a stamp of approval on products claiming that it’s good. The difference between GOD’s claim and man’s claim is that GOD’s seal of claim is complete and valid. Another point I will like to bring out is this, how many of us have ever read about JESUS baptism and never studied on it? I must write that I am guilty and took some things for granted just because HE is JESUS. I sometimes forget that JESUS is 100% Man and 100% GOD. This then leads me to the reading of HIS first account of miracles?

Many of you will need to really study your Word to grasp the fact of JESUS being GOD to understand how HE left HIS throne to place HIMself into the womb of a young woman, to become vulnerable, encased HIMself in human flesh just to relate to HIS creation whom HE loves so very much. And then to submit to the authority of HIS earthly parents all the while being aware as to who HE is and whose SON HE is. As a young adult, JESUS submitted HIMself to HIS older cousin an Evangelist who was leading people toward JESUS arrival not knowing that HE was already there. However, with looking on HIM, HE knew that HE needed to be baptized HIMself of JESUS yet JESUS insisted that HIS cousin baptize HIM. Once JESUS had been submerged completely in the water a demonstration of being buried and being pulled up again another demonstration of rising from the grave. The Holy Spirit in the form of a Dove appeared and landed on JESUS and from the sky a voice that was audible for everyone to hear heard these words. “This is MY Beloved SON in whom I AM well pleased, listen and obey”. This is the moment that all human JESUS was actually anointed and filled with the Holy Spirit. This actually got past me. When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, He does not enter us to make us buck like some wild unharnessed animal like we see so many people display in church service. The Holy Spirit does not cause a commotion, confusion, and havoc. It may appear this way to those who don’t have Him living on the inside of them, and to those who don’t know Him but the Holy Spirit is quiet until it comes time to pray or sing in the spirit which is an unknown tongue to the beholder. And most importantly He speaks through teaching us all the time about JESUS in our inner man. The Holy Spirit provides us with the exact same power He gave to JESUS so whatever JESUS did while HE walked this earth we can and should do. However, JESUS spoke while HE walked here on this earth, we should speak in like manner encouraging and healing others with our words. We should never speak words that destroy people. However, we should speak words that destroy the works of satan and his demons all of their dreams, goals, ideas, and visions. Everything that tries to exalt itself against the knowledge of GOD we must destroy with our words, however, those words must contain power from the Holy Spirit. JESUS did good everywhere HE went, there was not a life somewhere that HE did not touch. Now I know that we are not all called to reach or touch as many people as JESUS did. However, we must take advantage of the platform that we have, for instance, if you are employed with all the souls there I know someone at least one person could use you because JESUS lives on the inside of you and because of this you are called to do good. Remember GOD is with you.

I see so many of my beloved Christian siblings still struggling in this area and that is letting go of anger, hurt/pain and offense. Let it go. Why? Because you are letting sin win and if evil has victory over you that makes you and JESUS the looser. JESUS gave us the victory we are overcomers we have the victory. Will we get angry? Yes. Will we get hurt, have pain be offended? Yes and yes again many times over. But here is a solution, we are humans and that stinger will get us no doubt. Give into it maybe 5-30 minutes no more then go to that person and make peace just by being kind. And do this with no hidden negative attitude it will cause them to wonder what’s up with you. We must learn to do good. Buy them, a friendly card from the Dollar Tree they are only .50 cents stick them with kindness at every possible moment. We want to serve the LORD our GOD yet we are holding on to the world’s way of doing things and we cannot do this. We must let our grip go, we are going through a daily transformation and it’s never ending. We are to wash our mind daily and consistently in the Word of GOD with the reading of the Word, hearing and listening to the Word, praying consistently this only means being in communication with the FATHER in an intimate way. This is an acceptable, good, and perfect will of our FATHER through CHRIST JESUS.

Acts 10:38, Romans 12:21, 2


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