Our Creator has made it plain so it will be made known to HIS creation, mankind who created the world and all that is in the world. HE has told of HIS creation explicitly to manifest or communicate plainly to mankind in HIS Word. Though HE has made it known what HE has done and what HE will like to do with mankind HIS creation is still struggling with the fact of who HE is and who we are. Some believe in evolution, Darwinism and the true creation by the true Creator, GOD. JESUS came to earth to make know as well as to show the eyes of our understanding by exhibiting and manifesting through HIS words and demonstration. I, on the other hand, am like, Apostle Paul and publish through blogs by proclaiming the LORD CHRIST JESUS. I have no problem much like Apostle Paul in affirming who CHRIST JESUS is and that HE did come to earth by being birthed from a virgin, that HE died for all humankind, that HE rose from the dead and the grave so that we too may rise with HIM. Also, CHRIST JESUS ascended back into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the FATHER. Just as anyone who speaks, or write, about CHRIST JESUS, I’m aware that there are those who oppose that there is a living GOD and that HIS name is JESUS. But as the Apostles of old, I am a disciple who along with my CHRISTian siblings will continue to make known explicitly with a determination that CHRIST JESUS is the LORD.

Regardless if we choose to believe or not everyone is familiar with the beginning. In the beginning, GOD created and GOD said. When GOD speaks things into existence they remain until HE speaks for them to end. When we look up at the sky we see the expanse of HIS creation as far as our eyes will allow. Everyone loves a beautiful blue sky filled with billowing white clouds or the sky when it’s filled with all its stars. Astronauts go back and forth up into the sky and yet they have never been able to see heaven and they are no closer to the sky than when on the land of earth. How many of us have tried to imagine water being separated above and below to make a beautiful sky and all the lakes, ponds, rivers, ocean and sea? I have written in previous blogs and I will communicate orally that everything created by JESUS declares HIS glory with the exception of mankind. That is until we believe and trust in HIM. Layer after layer of heaven JESUS glory is proclaimed. HIS handiwork can be seen by anyone and everyone. Even that which HE created that does not have an oral voice the evident voice goes out into all the world throughout the end of the world. I love it, the FATHER and JESUS sit above the horizon of the earth. The sky that we see is only one layer of the curtain which covers the heavens that we read about in Revelation. The very signature of JESUS is Alpha and Omega because before all time HE is and HE was with the FATHER who is GOD. But did you know that CHRIST JESUS is GOD HIMself? When everything was created they were created by JESUS. Without JESUS nothing would have or can be created. There are creations that we know not of as yet, however, they do exist. Electricity existed before Ben Franklin harnessed it. Peanut Butter existed before George Washington Carver noticed all the things that can come from the peanut. You and I existed before we were born to our parents. JESUS saw you and me before HE created anything and HE saw you and me when HE went to the cross. When HE came into the world everything knew who HE is except mankind. How do I know this? Because, when HE spoke HIS creation obeyed. Mankind really does not have an excuse not to know who JESUS is. Unlike before radio, television and the Bible being published so that every person may have the written Word to read. There were many people before JESUS birth who knew JESUS personally through a relationship in HIS faith. From Genesis to Matthew we can read how the Holy Spirit spoke and to whom listened and followed. But for certain, there were believers in CHRIST JESUS who are not written in the Bible. In the New Testament which actually begins with the death and resurrection of CHRIST JESUS, we should be taught. And as we learn we can then take a look at those who left us great examples to follow and not. CHRIST JESUS invisible and visible qualities have been made known to us through HIS eternal power and divine nature. CHRIST JESUS is the visible image of the invisible GOD that most will proclaim but many will not obey. JESUS is supreme over all HIS creation be they in heaven, in the earth or beneath the earth. All things were created through HIM for HIM and HIS pleasure. CHRIST JESUS is the only One who can and does hold everything together.

Gen. 1:6-7, Psalms 19:1-4, Is. 40:22, Jhn. 1:1-3, 10, Rom. 1:20-21, Col. 1:16-17


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