Those who believe that they do not have any enemies are only fooling themselves. It is more appropriate to understand that we may not be aware of anyone who is in direct conflict with us. Those who are filled with CHRIST JESUS have many enemies and they begin with the father of hatred, satan and his demons. Those that he has been able to keep in the darkness he instructs to hate not necessarily us but the spirit of CHRIST within us. To get us back to his allegiance at every cost. Then there are those who live in total darkness because they have not seen the light or heard the voice of the Holy Spirit calling. They reject JESUS through unbelief. They too are enemies of JESUS through satan but they don’t know this. We all have adversaries who hate someone for one reason or another, nations at war are built on hatred because they want to cause harm in order to justify the malice that they bear. The god of this world oppose all truth and he is never off his game to keep people in the blind and deaf to the truth who is CHRIST JESUS. Another adversary of all humans is death and satan uses his great lie to have people believe that GOD takes our loved ones. The truth is GOD has only ever taken two humans to heaven and they never saw death. The names of these individuals are Enoch and Elijah and it is because so many people believe the lie that satan has given to them that many are angry with GOD. They don’t realize that GOD hurt right along with us in our time of bereavement. Another example to know that we actually have enemies is each time we hear or we say evil against another. Many of us have thought or said that we wanted harm to come to another and we do this out of total ignorance because we never consider that what we are thinking of or what we are saying is a curse against another human. And then there are those who are tormented by mental distractions such as anxiety, schizophrenia, depression, paranoia and other curses that we label as illness. Anyone or anything that devotes to cause injury and or torment is a servant of evil. We must recognize a curse when we witness affliction and condemnation toward others. The final example that I will like to share is that all humans are persecuted for one reason or another. There are people who find enjoyment in harassing others we call it bullying. No one should suffer unjust punishment or to endure penalties which drive toward destruction and the affliction of injury. However, as I wrote in the beginning of this blog humans must be aware that we all have enemies and the greatest one is death because of the curse we all have been appointed once to die. The greatest escape however from being dead throughout eternity is to know that JESUS annulled, destroyed and repealed death from those of us who believe in HIM. Death will eventually be the footstool of JESUS because JESUS HIMself has informed us that death is HIS enemy. So if death is the enemy of JESUS, death should be our enemy as well.

My beloved siblings, I can recall during my baby and youthful years in my walk with JESUS that I would often remind myself to do the opposite of every negative thought that I have. Remember that our flesh is not saved but our spirit man is and we must cause our flesh to obey our spirit who directs our soul who directs our flesh. Most of us are still being led by our flesh than our soul and finally our spirit. Our flesh wants nothing more than to be satisfied with evil and we desire to give back to those and multiply the injury through revenge. However, the way of JESUS is always a more beneficial lifestyle after all who has more enemies than JESUS compared to us? So because JESUS left us the example to love, bless and pray for our enemies as HE did, we should do so through unselfish deeds and look to be better and reach high because they are low. If we become aware of someone that we know has it in for us and they are without yet it’s in our power to help them, we should try to be the first on the scene. I’m telling you being loving towards those that hate us for no other reason than because they hate us because of the darkness of sin that flows through their heart will cause them to take notice of the love we operate in because of CHRIST JESUS. Eventually, they will become ashamed and wonder why they hated us because nine times out of ten they really don’t know why they have a problem with us.

And finally, death is not a friend and was never in the perfect will of the FATHER. Death is a curse and because death comes from satan the god of this world we all regardless of our righteousness in CHRIST JESUS will leave this earth in death. Death has not been dealt with as CHRIST JESUS has informed us that HE will deal with it. However, because we have died in CHRIST JESUS, death is no longer the master of those who believe in JESUS. JESUS clothed HIMself in flesh, HE became Man in the flesh and had the same nature as we do with the exception there is no sin found in HIM because sin does not exist in JESUS. JESUS is incarnate and satan has perverted the incarnation with reincarnation that some people believe in. No one who has died or will die will ever return with a different body outside of the immortal new body that CHRIST JESUS has promised to us. Just as he appeared to HIS disciples in the house and they did not see or hear HIM come in we too will be able to just think a thought and be wherever we think. JESUS is not a ghost because HE still has flesh as HE stated to Thomas and we will be just as HE is. Death cannot hold us because death is null and void and we will be resurrected from the grave when JESUS returns for us. As a matter of fact, when we die the earthly death, JESUS said that we are sleeping. CHRIST JESUS has repealed death in those of us who believe and trust in HIM we have immortality with HIM and this we know and remind ourselves through the Good News.  

Matthew 5:44, Rom. 12:20, 1 Corinthians 15:26, 2 Tim. 1:10


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